10 Tips On How To Train A Puppy

10 Tips On How To Train A Puppy

If your pet is coming home and you need to know how to train a puppy, we will guide you’re here. You will learn ten tips that are perfect to train puppies. Moreover, we have compiled tips from dog trainers, and these tips will surely help you.

So if you are confused about where you should start, then read the guide from the beginning. Follow each tip from the beginning to have a well-mannered dog or puppy.

Note: if you are adopting an old puppy, you can get him/her neutered first. All the spayed dogs are calm, friendly, and cuddlier. Not only this, but you can train the spayed dogs easily.

10 Tips To Completely Train Puppies

Here we will tell you how to train a puppy through ten basic tips. Right training should be done at the right time so follow these tips once the puppy is home.

1. Choose The Name Of Your Puppy

Firstly, you have to select the name of your puppy or dog. Also, be respectful of the name once you chose it. You must pick a name that you like, but we will suggest a name that is short and ends with a consonant.

However, several dog names aren’t clear while pronouncing. You must pick a clear and short dog name, so it is easy to call. Do you know why dogs with short names are more responsive? That’s because the short names have consonant at the end. For example, jack, zero, and ginger are the names that will perk the ear of a puppy/ dog.

Besides, if you put some emphasis on the ending letter of the dog name, they will be more responsive.

On the other side, if you are adopting a grown-up dog from a shelter home or friend, he will already have a name. Nevertheless, you can change the name of the dog if you don’t like the previous one as you know that dogs are loyal and adaptable. Your dog will adopt the new name once you start calling him.

Note: you should change the name of the dog if he came from an abusive environment. The dog will heal quickly and become less aggressive. Make sure that you select a name that has a pleasant meaning, such as a cookie or hero.

2. Decide The Rules

It would be best if you decide on the rules for your puppy or dog before he comes home. Some of the owners allow the dogs on bed and coaches.

However, it depends on your preference that you need your dog with you on the bed or not. Besides, it is important to teach him from day one about the rules of the home. Also, restrict him to come to bed if you want to avoid the inconvenience later.

3. Set Up The Private Area Of Puppy

All puppies and dogs need their place to relax. So you have to buy a private whelping box or cage for his area. Add some toys for your dog in his den. Moreover, you can teach the dog to be quiet at his den and reward him later with a treat. The crate or den of the puppy is an essential part of the training.

4. Relax The Puppy

When the puppies arrive at a new place, they are excited and aggressive. So you have to relax him when he arrives at your place.

Moreover, you can place a warm bottle in the sleeping area of the puppy. The warmness will soothe the body of the puppy. Especially if you are bringing a dog from a noisier environment than don’t skip this step. A warmer area will make the dog/ puppy comfortable at your place.

5. Teach The Dog/ Puppy To Come When You Call

Next, you need to teach the puppy to come you call them. Furthermore, the dog needs to be familiar with his name first. Training a puppy to come when you call his name is most important. Besides, the dogs are well-mannered only if they come when the master calls its name.

6. Reward The Puppy

It is essential to reward a dog if he is obeying your commands. Rewarding the puppy will make him more well-mannered. You can treat the dog by giving him toys or a snack.

However, if you don’t reward him, it will not help you to train in the right way. The reward will help you to distinguish between right and wrong acts.

7. Do Not Encourage The Jumping Behavior

All the puppies and dogs like to jump while greeting others. So you have to train him not to jump often. Never encourage a dog if he is jumping aggressively. Other than that, you need to pat the dog for settling him down. You can ignore the dog if he doesn’t stop jumping.

8. Tell The Puppy To Avoid Misbehaving

Every dog should know if he has done something wrong. So if they are misbehaving, it is time to give them punishment by restricting their movement around the place.

9. Discourage When Puppy Bites Anyone

Usually, the dogs bit when they are frightened by someone. Besides, you have to teach a dog not to bite. You can pretend that he bit you so hard, it will automatically make him guilty. You can give chewing toys to dogs, so they only bite them.

However, if the dog doesn’t stop biting, then you have to ignore his behavior and indulge him in any other activity.

10. Positively Treat The Puppy At The End Of Training

Last but not least, you have to treat the puppy with a positive note. The rewarding positive note can be a pat and said a good job, ginger! Other than that, you can reward the dog by giving him a snack or cuddles.

Treating the dog positively at the end of training will encourage him to repeat his good actions only.

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