12 Tips Everyone Needs To Know About Newborn Puppies Caring

12 Tips Everyone Needs To Know About Newborn Puppies Caring

Here you will learn the 12 tips that are necessary for newborn puppies caring. At any time in life, you might need to take care of puppies. However, the care of newborn puppies is not only a huge responsibility but a delicate task, especially for the first few days.

Indeed, taking care of newborn puppies will give your fruitful results in the future because they will be loyal to you for several years. Moreover, the puppies who have been in special care by their owner become healthy as well mannered, below we have added the 12 tips for newborn puppies caring.

1. Buy A Whelping Box For Keeping The Puppies For 12-14 Days

A whelping box is necessary for all the newborn puppies so they can stay warm. You can find whelping boxes at the vet stores easily. The whelping boxes will protect the newborn puppies. However, the box should be spacious enough so the puppies can roam around. A whelping box will make the puppies and their mom comfortable. The dog will feed puppies without any danger in a whelping box. Besides, the sidewalls of the whelping box should have one-foot height, so puppies can’t jump outside.

2. Make The Whelping Box Warm By Adding A Towel Or Cloth

The newborn puppies need more warmth than the older ones to maintain their body temperature. So you can add a towel or any cloth in a whelping box to keep the puppies warm. Also, the towel will help the puppies to regulate their body temperature. Other than that, there are vet beds of fleece material for the puppies. You can buy a vet bed for avoiding any dampness in the whelping box.

3. Add A Lamp Or Heating Mat

If you are adding a heating mat inside the whelping box, then set the temperature at the lowest pint. Moreover, you can add a small lamp inside the whelping box at the corner. The lamp will make the newborn puppies warm, especially in the winter days; it will help them to dry quickly.

4. The Box Should Be Spacious So The Pups Can Roam Inside

After 12 to 14 weeks, the puppies will start crawling, and the wandering box should be spacious enough. Get a larger one if you had a smaller whelping box. In a big whelping box, the puppies will roam comfortably. Moreover, the mom dog can lay inside the box while the puppies are wandering inside.

5. You Can Cover The Top Part Of The Whelping Box

The top part of the whelping box should be covered at the time when puppies are sleeping. A cover will make the puppies feel more comfortable as well as secure. Besides that, you can put a towel or a cloth over the whelping box, so the puppies and mon dog feel protected inside it.

6. Keep The Whelping Box In A Quiet Place

A noisy place will distract the mom dog while feeding its puppies. However, you need to find a quiet place. Also, the food should be kept near the whelping box so the mom dog can find it easily.

7. Be Extra Protective In The First Few Days

The mom dog will not allow the new humans to touch the puppies because she is extra protective at that time. The mom dog will only allow the owner to interact with her puppies. So you shouldn’t show the puppies to your neighbors or anyone new because the mom dog might threaten them.

8. Puppies Will Not Be Active Before Three Weeks

It is normal if the puppies aren’t active before three weeks. The newborn puppies will sleep for a long time, and it is healthy for them. All the puppies will start cuddling in their fourth or fifth week.

9. Make Sure That Puppies Are Gaining Weight

A healthy puppy will gain weight as each day passes by. Further, you can monitor the weight of puppies monitoring their feed. However, a weight loss could decrease the lifespan of a puppy. Other than that, a puppy with less sleep will not have the proper nourishment. You can also feed the puppies with the milk of dogs that are available commercially, but it is necessary to ask a vet first.

10. Train The Puppies To Stay Them In Their Crate Area

You have to create a separate place for the puppy when it’s older. The dog crate is called the sleeping or playing area. You need to train the puppy, so he knows which place is for them to stay in. Moreover, the puppy should recognize their sleeping area in the crate. This training will take some days, but you can add dog toys in that crate area to make them comfortable and busy.

11. Puppies Need Weaning For 2 Months

All the puppies require the mom dog feed for 2 months. On the other side, in the time frame of 2 months, the puppies learn to play with other puppies and become familiar with other siblings. Besides that, vets also say that the first 2 months are crucial for puppies to learn their control and dominance.

12. Teach Discipline To The Puppies

Last but not least, all the puppy owners need to teach them discipline and make them calm. A well-mannered puppy should be taught to pee and potty at the right spot to avoid a mess in the whole house. You can fix a time for feeding them. In addition, the big puppies need some walk. The puppy will become disciplined if you train them at the right time.

We hope that our 12 tips for newborn puppies caring will help you to become a good trainer and caretaker. Thank You!