Akita Dog Breed – Complete Japanese Dog Breed Information

Akita Dog Breed – Complete Japanese Dog Breed Information

One of the most famous Japanese dog breeds is the Akita dog breed. These dogs are large, and they are very strong. Moreover, Akita dogs have a darker color of eyes and smaller eyes.

Akita dogs have a gratified personality, and they have a thicker, plush black coating. Furthermore, the height of Akita dog breed males has a height of 64 to 70 cm. Besides, the female dog of the Akita breed has 58 to 64 cm in height. The weight of these dogs lies between 34 to 50 kgs.

Glance At Akita Dog Breed

  • Good for those owners who had a dog before.
  • They require more training.
  • These dogs are very active, and they like to walk.
  • Large in size
  • They need grooming
  • Doesn’t bark much
  • Overprotective dog breed
  • They require training to live with the kids and other pets.
  • Akita is an alert dog breed
  • They arenon-hypoallergenic.

Origin Of Akita Breed

This dog breed of Akita is the largest among the other breeds of Japanese. Moreover, this breed was found in the 1600s, and they were trained for hunting wild bears and pit fighting. After the 19th century,Akita’s dog breed was preserved by the society for persevering dog breeds.

Personality Of Akita Breed

This dog breed has a proud personality with stronger abilities. Moreover, this dog breed is good for those people who have experience in training dogs. Other than that, the Akita breed needs more training as well as grooming.

Thus, you have to do the socialization of the Akita breed very carefully. Apart from that, this dog breed is friendly, and they are loyal to their owners. This breed is good for keeping at home as a watchdog.


Overall there are not many health issues of Japanese Akita dogs, but they often have eye disorders. On the other hand, they will have hip dysplasia. Therefore, you have to get the eye and hip test of the Akita dog.


These Akita dog breeds need a lot of physical activities to stay active. Moreover, you have to take the Akita dog breed on a walk every day. Besides, you have to look at their weight, and it should not exceed the maximum limit of 50 kg.

Likewise, you have to allow the Akita dog to run freely because they are hunting dogs.


This large dog breed needs more appetite, but you have to keep a balance between the nutrients. On the other side, you have to provide them enough vitamins and minerals to have a healthy weight. Additionally, your Akita dog might have stomach issues such as bloating.


Akita needs grooming after a few months. You have to comb the hair and give a bath. However, combing is not needed frequently.

Great Dog Breed For Kids

This dog breed can be good for kids if they have been given the right training. Thus, you have to teach your Akita dog how to live with the kids. So you have to teach them how they should safely live with the other family members in the house.

To Sum Up

All in all, the Akita dogs aren’t good for keeping in groups. Though this dog breed doesn’t have enough tolerance for living with other pets, you can train them.

Akita is a loyal dog and a good watch keeper. Nevertheless, this dog breed will bark in front of a stranger. Proper socialization will make the Akita dog breed less aggressive.

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