American Pitbull Terrier Dog Breed

American Pitbull Terrier Dog Breed

Are you thinking to have a pet dog? Did you choose any for yourself or your toddlers? If you are thinking to have an American pit bull terrier dog breed, then you need to know some of the most significant details about it. These facts could be about anything, like the way American pit bull terrier dog breed acts, are they noble with the toddlers or can a new dog pet owner have it or not.

All these figures regarding the American pit bull terrier dog are very important to know. It will help a person to deal with the American pit bull terrier dog.

Basic Information of American Pitbull Terrier Dog Breed:

American pit bull terrier dog breed came in medium size. This breed usually has a life of 8 – 15 years. The weight of the adult male American pit bull lies between 16 – 30 kg, while the female adult’s weight lies between 14 – 27 kg. If the question is about the height then the male adult American pit bull height lies between 45 – 53 cm on the other hand the adult females have a height of 43 – 50 cm.

Moving on to their fauna and specialties, the American pit bull terrier dog breed is one of the most intelligent dogs. They belong to the British Isles; the American pit bull has very short hair and builds up strong muscles. It can be said that the American pit bull also has mood swings; they carry all of the sensations in them.

Sometimes the dog will behave like a clownish one and sometimes it may get stubborn. It could be very affectionate for you and will be very obedient too. As it’s always said that dogs are the most loyal friend, the American pit bull terrier dog breed also proved this quote very well!

How Good Is American Pitbull Terrier Dog Breed for a Family?

People usually start to have a pet dog when they want a personal guard for them, not in a form of a human but a form of a dog. If a person is thinking to have an American pit bull terrier dog breed as a pet dog, who will be their guard and protect the family and the toddlers as well. Well, this expectation from an American pit bull terrier dog will disappoint the person.

America pit bull terrier dogs got very obsessed with the family they live with, especially with the toddlers. They can show a very sad and furious behavior when the family or a person of the family got harmed or attacked but it won’t try to save the person or outbreak the attacker. So having an American pit bull terrier dog breed for protection is not a good idea at all.

Why American Pitbull Are Said to Be a Bad Dog Sometimes?

Their aggressiveness is natural, American pit bulls do have biting and aggressiveness inherently. So they bite their owner and another person without any reason and this could be very bad for the toddlers. No one can make them break doing it as it’s the nature of the American pit bull terrier dog breed.

There is no doubt that American pit bull terrier dogs are fixated with its owner but still, they are always eager to attack anyone, no matter they have their owner in the lead of them. Their dose won’t hurt an adult person but kids may get hurt.

What If A New Owner Have American Pit Bull Terrier Dog Breed?

American pit bull terrier dog breed panics everyone by their strong muscular built but on the other hand, American pit bull terrier dog breeds are the most amorous creatures too! As the advice of animals and veterinarians, it has been said that American pit bull terrier dog breeds are not good for the new owners.

It is in acceptable because American pit bull terrier dog breeds are very robust and new pet owners don’t have any kind of know-how to deal with dogs. Although American pit bull terrier dog breed carries a lot of love for their owners especially for the kids.

A new owner could get trained first before having an American pit bull terrier dog breed as their first pet. The dog trainers will guide the new pet owner to control the American pit bull terrier dog especially when it attacks!

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