Are Dog DNA Tests Worth It? Everything There Is To Know About Dog Family Trees

Are Dog DNA Tests Worth It? Everything There Is To Know About Dog Family Trees

Having a mixed breed dog begs the question: what type of dog do I have?

dog DNA test can do more than tell you about their lineage; it can also provide a better itinerary on how to take care of their health by using proper supplements. The testing process is not difficult or hard-to-watch at all, after all, it is for your pet’s best interests.

Even if you are a proud owner of a rescue dog, the importance of DNA testing increases. The latest versions do more than eliminate your doubts; they also save your pet from possible genetic conditions, including kidney and heart disease, glaucoma or skin ailments.

Where to Dig up Dog DNA?

Currently, three main dogs are dominating the canine DNA portal: Embark, which is the newest, Wisdom Panel, and the Canadian-based DNA My Dog.

Pet owners are allowed to buy a test without a vet’s prescription. The testing process only requires a small and painless cheek swab. Once done, the results provide a breed analysis, determining what percentage of a particular breed makes up your pup.

Also, it is best suggested to check if your dog is pure-bred, which follows the same procedure as DNA testing.

How Does It Work?

Are Dog DNA Tests Worth It

1.     Get your dog’s DNA

If your dog is a bit reluctant to let other people touch their mouth, this part might be challenging.

The majority of DNA tests demand collecting your dog’s saliva. Ordering a sample shouldn’t be hard. It can be done by swabbing the inside of your dog’s mouth for a few seconds.

2.     Transfer the results to the vet

Most tests suggest using the same box in which the test came in. Usually, pet owners can drop them in any mailbox.

After swabbing, package the item up as the company directs and forward the DNA into the mail.

3.     The results will come within two-four weeks.

According to the extensive lab tests and methods the company uses, the results could take a lot of time to come out.

The results could include health risks, genetic markers, possible breed types, and genetic traits. Some dog DNA test companies prefer to send their results via mail, while others send you the results online.

To get the results online, you will have to make an account on the company’s website.

The Benefits of DNA Testing

1.  Identifying possible personality traits

The field of genetic study in dogs has grown in the past years, leading to numerous discoveries of many different coat colours, sizes, and genetic traits.

A dog may appear to look like a single breed; appearance can be misleading. DNA testing can reveal the true species involved in your pet’s genes, which will tell you a lot about your dog’s behaviour and needs.

Understanding your dog’s traits that are involved in the mix can help you determine whether your dog is suitable for a particular line of work or not.

2.  Tracking Pets

Another benefit of DNA testing is that it can assist in tracking down lost animals where microchipping collars/details and tags are not present or out-of-date.

3.  DNA testing helps in re-homing

A lot of breeds struggle to find a home. DNA testing can be helpful for rescue centres in finding homes for dogs.

The process makes it easier to re-home dogs that might have been passed over for adoption due to their strange looks.

So, Are Dog DNA Tests Really Worth It?

Yes, a dog DNA test is worth it. The more data you have related to your pet, the more comfortably and correctly you can take care of your dog.

It is a big help for animal shelters who are looking to place dogs in peaceful homes forever. Today is the most exciting time to get your dog’s DNA tested because there are plenty of great companies out there that provide accurate results.