Are Liver Diseases In Dog Could Be Threatening For Dog’s Life?

Are Liver Diseases In Dog Could Be Threatening For Dog’s Life?

If you have a pet dog then you must be concerned about his mental and physically external and internal health. Surely one would never like it but always hate going to a vet with his pet and seeing his pet going through medications and surgeries etc. Liver disease in dogs is one of the most common health-related problems which a pet owner faces.

The liveriver is the most important organ of every living being, it helps in digestion and blood clotting. It also removes toxins from the system. Liver disease in dogs can be less harmful if you catch it and treat it on time, but if you expand the time span for visiting your vet about this concern then you might push your pet dog in the well of death. Liver disease in dogs can be deadly for your dog too if you do not take it seriously. According to some researches, after the diagnosis of liver disease in your dog, he might extend his lifespan just by 1 year.

Symptoms of liver disease in my dog

How would you check whether your pup has liver disease or not? Here are some indications which can be noticed in your pet dog if he has a liver disease:

  • Your dog would lose his weight swiftly
  • He would have diarrhea due to r disease.
  • You may notice jaundice in him. Which will make his eyes, skin, and gums more yellowish than normal.
  • Increased thirst and an unstable walk due to the weakness he got after losing weight because of liver disease.
  • When your pup drinks more water for the reason that he was thirsty, he will go to the the litter box to pee more!

If you notice any of these symptoms in your pet dog, rush towards your vet without any hesitation. But what if it is late? So let me tell you that liver disease in dogs can also kill your dog if you leave them unprocessed. Late actions taken will still be better than actions never taken.

Food advice for your dog having liver disease

You should always take care of what your lovely dog is consuming. It is compulsory for you to have an eye that your dog is eating is good for him or not.

If your dog has created a hobby to eat excessive protein food like butter, protein-rich cheese, highly enriched milk and fish,, etc. dogs increase their chances of having thver disease by eating Blue-green algae, Amanita mushroom, and molds which grow on corns.

If your dothen you must provide him clean and premium drinking water, Vitamins like Vitamin B, Vitamin C, and Vitamin K. provide him minerals like Zink which helps his liver perform well by its antioxidant property. You can also give him a bit of low-fat cheese as a source of protein.

Can liver disease in dogs be treated? How can my dog fight from liver disease?

Liver disease in dogs can be cured but the condition is that you must take your pup to the vet in the early stage of his diagnosis. The longer you take, the higher your dog’s life is at risk. Liver disease in dogs is usually cured by changing the imbalanced diet to a healthy one. Milk-thistle or SAM-E are supplements that may help you in getting out of this trouble. If the liver disease is still getting harmful or serious then you have an option of antibiotics too. Most dog owners do not have to go the level of surgery and their dogs get cured by antibiotics. But, if antibiotics do not work too then you have the last and hard choice to go for surgery.

How do I know if my dog is in the last stages of liver disease

Whenever your dog has a small issue, you notice a change in the behavior of your pet dog. Though the liver disease is a big problem for your pet dog that’s why you will surely see him changing his practices of sleeping, waking up, playing, walking, and resting. Your tame dog will be lazy, too thirsty, go for a pee a lot, etc. they are some minor symptoms you might see but if your dog’s liver is about to fail, your dog may have a change in his mentality and have depression. He might wander aimlessly, be disoriented, he might face dizziness and blindness too. This all happens because his liver has stopped working and those toxins are not destroyed now which were abolished when the liver was performing well.

Your lovely pet dog might face blood loss issues too which may cause him deficiency of blood because when his liver was good, it was producing blood clotting measures.

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