Bernese Mountain Dog Breed

Bernese Mountain Dog Breed

Are you thinking to get a pet dog? And that dog is a Bernese Mountain Dog Breed! Well then you must know about it, so you can put it well. People nowadays love to get a pet but they don’t get much information before buying it and then maybe later they regret it, not because of the pet’s bad behavior but because the person was looking for something else. So before getting a Bernese Mountain Dog Breed you should know about it.

Romans bought Bernese Mountain Dog Breed to Switzerland like 2,000 years ago. Bernese Mountain Dog is of a very large size with a height of 58 – 70 cm and 36 – 50 kg of weight. Bernese mountain dogs don’t have a long life; they only live for 6 – 8 years. If we talk about its behavior then it’s very affectionate, shows good intelligence, Bernese Mountain Dogs are also very loyal to its owner and always be a faithful pup. Now let’s discuss some of the questions you must be thinking about Bernese Mountain Dog.

Will Bernese Mountain Dog Be Good For My Family?

Whenever a person looks for a pet to adopt it, the first thing which came in their mind will definitely about its nature. Will it be good for everyone? Or how will it act with the kids? But if you are going to adopt a Bernese Mountain Dog then you don’t have to worry about anything!

Bernese Mountain Dogs are mainly called by the nickname Berners. People usually choose them for their good nature and soft temperaments. Bernese Mountain Dogs are best for the families as they are very social and stay friendly with strangers and even with the other pets!

Are Bernese Mountain Dogs Good For A Family With Toddlers?

Well, the above information told you that Bernese Mountain Dogs are good for the families but if you are in a family with toddlers then this question will definitely pop up in your mind. In so many places parents adopt a little pet too for their baby so they both could have good co-ordination, but of course, the pet must be friends who don’t harm babies.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are very friendly with the kids and will never hurt them. They would love to let them sit on their back as they are of broad shoulders and can carry the weight of a kid easily. Bernese Mountain Dog loves to spend their evening with kids and they also don’t behave badly toward any stranger. Berners could get aggressive only in front of other male dogs.

How Much A Bernese Mountain Dog Shed?

When your pet sheds a lot, it became an irritation for you. For some people, it doesn’t because they have the correct tools to deal with it and they also have correct information about their pet’s shedding season. So if you are going to pet Bernese Mountain Dog then you must know about its shedding season and do buy the correct tools to deal with the shedding fur.

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Now talking about the shedding of Bernese Mountain Dog so yes it does shed a lot amount because this breed of dogs is fully double-coated having longer fur outside and wooly undercoat inside. Berners shed a lot of amounts normally and even more in its shedding season, so you need to have the correct tools to deal with it. As Bernese Mountain Dogs are double coated so, it is also very hard for them to live in the summer season.

Bernese Mountain Dogs bark a lot. Is It True?

Of course, no one wants a pet that keeps making noise all day. If the pet does it rarely or for some time then it could be bearable. But of course when the pet is loud all the time then it could be very irritating. While petting Bernese Mountain Dogs, you must know about its barking habits.

Well if you want the answer to this question in one word then there is a green sign for it, but it doesn’t complete the whole answer. To get further information in detail, keep reading it.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are more like watchdogs so yes it does barks (a loud bark). Bernese Mountain Dogs also love to play roughly with smaller animals so they can enjoy chasing it. Once you train Berners perfectly and when it will get mature, all of these little silly habits will start vanishing.

Can I Leave My Bernese Mountain Dog Alone At Home?

Some of us want to spend time alone at home. So we could do whatever we want to, but here we are talking about the innocent Berners. Whether it is a kid or a pet both can’t live alone for a long time.

If we talk about the Bernese Mountain Dogs then yes they can be left alone but not more than few hours, so if you are planning to leave it home alone for so many hours then get ready for the chewed up things because Bernese Mountain Dogs do need someone to socialize with and if they don’t get it for several hours then in the reaction of it Berners will start to chew things at your home.

If I Pet A Bernese Mountain Dog, Will It Protect Me?

Of course, having a dog means you have a loyal friend with you. But if you are going to adopt Bernese Mountain Dog then you must know about its loyalty and nature too.

Bernese Mountain Dogs are more loved because of their intelligence, loyalty, and socialization. So if you are alone at home with a Bernese Mountain Dog then don’t feel yourself alone at home because it will keep you active and will also protect you. Berners is also known as a pet that never leaves you alone. So don’t feel bored at home anymore cause your energetic friend will keep you entertained!