Black Dog Breed – Five Most Widely Held Black Dog Breeds

Black Dog Breed – Five Most Widely Held Black Dog Breeds

Most people don’t like to have a black dog breed because they are most aggressive. Black dogs don’t get the love that other dogs receive. However, all black dogs don’t have an aggressive nature. You will find the 5 best dog breeds with black color with a friendly nature in our guide.

Black German Shepherd

You might have seen the tan german shepherds, but the full black ones are rare. Other than that, the black GD will come in other colors combination as well. The black german shepherds are prone to joint problems and other bone issues.

Other than that, GBS is very friendly, and it is a good family dog. And the good news? This breed of black dog doesn’t have a lot of hair, so they will not create a mess in the house.

Black Russian Terrier

Do you want a black dog breed that doesn’t shed a lot of hair? Then the black Russian terrier is the best option to buy. Moreover, the black Russian terrier is not commonly seen in the US dog parks.

Another name of the black Russian terrier is blackies. Moreover, you will have a black Russian as a police dog. Most of the dogs from black Russian are trained for the military. However, this dog will not be aggressive with small children, and it is a good family dog.

Best of all, the blackies are intelligent than other dog breeds on our list.

Great Dane

Thirdly we have the great dane black dog breed that is one of the tallest breeds of dogs. Moreover, this breed is heavy. The dog will weigh more than 200 lbs. Besides that, the great dane breed is not the friendliest dog, but they are very protective.

Additionally, this dog breed is aggressive,and you should not have this dog at home if you have toddlers. The great dane dog breed comes with the largest dog size, and it is one of the eldest black dog breeds in our guide.

You might have seen the great dane breed in the hunting games. Unfortunately, the great dane dog breed will last for 7 years minimum, and they have a maximum life of 10 years.


Fourthly, we have the Newfoundland dog breed that has white and black color combination as well. Moreover, most of the fur of Newfoundland is black. If you are hunting for a black dog that is friendly and great for the whole family, then Newfoundland is the best choice.

These dogs are friendly than other black dog breeds. However, they will shed a lot of hair, and your home will be a mess. Thus, you have to clean a lot while having a Newfoundland breed at home.

Further, the Newfoundland breed will love to play in the water and swim as well. However, this dog breed will overheat in the humid and summer because they have a darker coat color.


Lastly, we have the Doberman black dog breed that is most iconic. Moreover, this dog breed is very elegant and pleasant to look at. The roots of Doberman are from Germany. Best of all, these dogs are very intelligent, and they are always in a happy mood.

Likewise, the black Doberman dogs can be a part of your family, and they are playful as well.

These were the five black dog breeds! Thank you for visiting us!

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