Can Dog Eat Chocolate? Highly Toxic Food Item For All Dogs

Can Dog Eat Chocolate? Highly Toxic Food Item For All Dogs

Are you wondering can dog eat chocolate? To be sure, chocolates are highly toxic to dogs. All the dog breeds cannot digest chocolate.

Can Dog Eat Chocolate In Less Quantity?

In rare cases, a dog could digest it if he has eaten a very tiny amount of chocolate.  Besides, you need to monitor the dog if he accidentally ate chocolate and consult a vet immediately because it is hazardous for dogs. Below we’ll tell you the toxic signs if your dog has eaten chocolate.

What Makes A Chocolate Toxic For Dogs?

The ingredients of chocolates are toxic for dogs. All chocolates have caffeine in it. Moreover, the chocolates have theobromine that can increase the heartbeat and affect the nervous system badly.

Do you know that severity of sickness depends on the quantity of chocolate and the age of the dog? Besides that, the amount of ingredients depends on the type of chocolate. The dark chocolate is most dangerous because it has more amount of cocoa powder and theobromine.

  • Bake chocolate that isn’t sweet
  • Cocoa powder
  • Less sweet chocolate
  • Dark chocolate
  • Milky chocolate

Without a doubt, all chocolate types are dangerous for dogs.

Toxic Signs Of Chocolate

Usually, the toxic signs of chocolate will appear within 5 to 10 hours. However, the toxic signs will last for at least two days. So if your dog has eaten a chocolate following are the signs:

  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Tiredness
  • Excessive urination
  • Fast heart rate
  • Seizure
  • Death
  • Tremors

If the dog is old, he might not be able to survive after eating chocolate. So there are more chances of collapsing if your old dog ate chocolate.

How To Stop A Dog From Consuming Chocolate?

The milky chocolate has a very less amount of caffeine, but it is still dangerous for dogs. Moreover, do not give less amount of chocolate to your dog as a treat. Dogs like to eat sweet food items, but it is not safe for them to eat chocolate.

You should keep all the chocolates out of the dog’s reach. On the other side, the toxic elements that we mentioned above shouldn’t be given to dogs. So you have to keep the cocoa powder far from dogs reach too.

Other than that, you can train your dog to leave the chocolate. Tell him to leave it when anything is not appropriate for him. If the dog obeys, treat him with any sweet snack.

Call A Vet If Your Puppy Or Dog Ate Chocolate

You should call a vet if the dog has eaten chocolate. The vet will recommend some medication according to the quantity of chocolate that your dog has consumed. Do not try to treat the dog with any home remedy if he has eaten any toxic food items such as chocolate.