Can Dog Eat Lemon – Potential Risks of Citric Food For Dogs

Can Dog Eat Lemon – Potential Risks of Citric Food For Dogs

Are you wondering can dog eat lemon? Several people are posting the videos of their dogs by pranking them with the lemon slices. The dog’s licking lemon slice reaction is funny and interesting, but that doesn’t mean it is good food for them.

Lemons are sour, and they have a strong odor that can upset the stomach of dogs. Other than that, all citric food items are toxic to dogs.

Can Dog Eat Lemon Or Drink Lime Juice?

No, lemon or lime juice is not good for dogs. Do you know that lemons do not have any healthy nutrients? Despite lemons are acidic, and your dog will be ill after eating a lemon. Moreover, lemon or lime juice is highly dangerous for puppies.

Besides, the puppies have a more sensitive stomach than a dog. Lemons have psoralens compound in it that is dangerous if a dog eats lemon in large quantities.

Other than lemons, all citric fruits are dangerous for dogs. You should not feed your dog with grapefruit or oranges.

However, lemons are most toxic for all dogs than other citric fruits. You can give oranges in minor amounts to dogs. It is best to feed a dog with citric fruits because it has many sugar levels that can make a dog obese.

Your dog can find lemon from any place on the kitchen’s countertop. Besides, the dog might grab a lemon because it looks like a ball. You should be careful that the dog doesn’t grab a lemon from any place outside or inside the home.

In fact, your dog should obey your commands and teach him to leave the toxic element that he or she is holding in the mouth. Never let the dog or pup play with a lemon because they will consider it a toy. If the dog is not obeying your command, grab him, and ask them to leave it.

However, your dog will be sick if he has eaten a lemon or drank lime juice. Also, avoid buying the home cleaners that have a lemon scent. Buy a pet-friendly cleaner for your house to avoid your pet’s illness.

Potential Risks Of Acidic Food For Dogs

Suppose if your dog drank lime juice, below are the potential risks that might occur after some hours.

  • It will upset the stomach of the dog, and he will have diarrhea as well as vomiting.
  • The dog might start choking
  • There are chances or intestinal blockage and a weaker immune system.

In addition, you need to keep the essential oils away from dogs because they have lemon in some amount. Furthermore, the house cleaners have a lemon scent that might cause an allergic reaction to your dog.Therefore, lemon is highly toxic to dogs and avoid the dog’s contact with it in any form.

How To Stop A Dog From Eating Wrong Food?

If the dog is not obeying your commands, give him or her punishment. It is good to teach do to differentiate between right and wrong. Moreover, you shouldn’t know how to distract a dog from buying throwing a toy towards him or her.

In addition, you need to keep the small accessories away from dogs reach; otherwise, they will start considering it as a toy. Besides, you need to buy interesting and colorful bones or toys for dogs to keep them engaged while you do other chores.

What To Do If The Dog Ate More Amount Of Citric Fruits?

You need to contact a vet if the dog ate a lot of citric fruit drinks. Likewise, you can contact the animal poison control so they can recommend you to have a checkup of your dog. Most of the dogs start making funny faces after licking a lemon.

Other than that, if the dog ate lemon is a minor amount, there is no need to visit a vet.

Reasons For Intense Reactions Among Dogs To Citric Fruits

Dogs can have taste buds like humans, and they can taste the sweet and sour tastes. However, the dogs can handle sour food or drinks but not the bitter ones. Most of the dogs will refuse to eat bitter foods.

Other than that, you should not give lime juicers to dogs because it will cause an allergic reaction. In fact, you need to keep an eye on kids when you serve them lemonade because they will try to share it with dogs.

Besides, lemon juices have a high amount of sugar in them,causing obesity among dogs. Therefore, avoid giving all citric food items to dogs, so they have healthy body weight.

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