Can Dog Eat Pizza? An Essential Read for All Dog Owners

Can Dog Eat Pizza? An Essential Read for All Dog Owners

Can a dog eat pizza, or is it unhealthy for them?

Pizza is not healthy for dogs because it has excessive fat, simple carbohydrates, onions, garlic, a colossal amount of cheese, and sodium.

However, the aroma of pizza is liked by dogs, but you must refuse to share it with your pet. Low and high-fat pizza has several side effects on dogs.

Besides, the pizza crust is not good for dogs because it doesn’t have healthy nutrients. Pizza crusts have simple carbs that will not fulfill a dog’s appetite.

Can Dog Eat Pizza Or Its Crust?

Some people feed dogs with the leftover crusts of pizza. However, the crusts are not healthy for dogs at all because crusts are full of simple carbs. The carbohydrate will not fulfill the appetite of dogs, and they will ask for more food.

Your dog will become overweight after consuming simple carbs only. More than that, the simple carbs will increase the blood pressure and decrease the blood’s oxygen level.

Which Ingredients Are Bad For Dogs?

There are several ingredients on pizza that are unhealthy for dogs. Likewise, pizza has ingredients that can be dangerous for a dog’s health.

Below we will discuss the major ingredients that all pizzas have:

Onions and Garlic

Onions and garlic make a pizza even more delicious, but these ingredients are not good for the dogs. Especially, the garlic is highly toxic to dogs. Avoid giving food to dogs that have garlic in it. Moreover, the onions and garlic are mixed in the tomato paste.

The onions and garlic have a high amount of alliums that will affect the blood’s oxygen level. Therefore, dogs can have lower oxygen levels in the blood after consuming onions or garlic.

The side effects will depend on the amount of pizza consumed by a dog. After consuming onions or garlic, the dog will have stomach aches or diarrhea. Suppose the dog ate a large amount of onion and garlic, they would suffer from anemia.

However, anemia is a severe disease that can decrease the age of dogs. Besides, the dogs will be short of breath as well as dehydrated. Even if the dog ate one slice of pizza, it is necessary to treat a dog because there are chances of death.


There are several toppings of pizza that have a high amount of sodium. For instance, pepperoni, pickles, and anchovies have sodium in it. Moreover, the tomato sauce also has sodium in a high amount.

Without a doubt, ketchup or any sauce on pizza will enhance the taste of pizza. Every other person has pizza as their top favorite food item. However, pizza is a highly dangerous food item for all dog breeds.

In fact, a large intake of sodium can cause gastrointestinal problems. Also, it intensifies the risk of heart disease as well as high blood pressure. Besides, if the dog ate a large amount of sodium, he or she can go toa comma.

All Types Of Cheese

The majority of dog owners might not know that cheese is not good for their pets. Most of the dog breeds don’t have enough capacity to tolerate the high amount of lactose size.

Other than that, we all know that pizzas are full of cheese, and it is not healthy for dogs or even humans. However, it is toxic to dogs.

Additionally, the pizzas full of cheese have high fatty acids that will upset dogs’ stomachs. Your dog will have an immediate reaction, and he will start throwing up.

More than that, diarrhea is common among reaction among dogs after eating cheese.

Fatty Ingredients

All the pizzas have fatty ingredients in them. The fatty ingredients include grease. However, if you order a low-fat pizza, it will have grease in the minimum amount.

On the other side, the grease will cause long term negative impacts on the dog’s health. All dogs have a maximum of 10 percent of fat in the whole meals.

Moreover, if you feed your dog with more than 10 percent of fat, he will become overweight. Henceforth, it is imperative to look for the calories in the food you are giving to your dog every day.

In fact, it is very difficult for a dog to lose weight, and he will not be active after being obese.

Furthermore, the dogs will suffer from pancreas disease that can become life-threatening if not given the right treatment.

To Sum Up

All in all, feeding a dog with a crust or a pizza slice is the unhealthiest option. The dogs will suffer from several health diseases, including obesity.

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