Can Dog Eat Tomatoes?

Can Dog Eat Tomatoes?

While keeping a little pup you should be very careful about its food, care, health, and much more. Your pup is oversensitive in so many cases! Even if it’s about food because there are so many food items that can be toxic for your fluffy from which it will have diarrhea, vomiting and it can even be dead! There are also some food items that are allowed for a dog but can be dangerous if it’s given in a lot of amounts, so choose your pup’s food very wisely.

Your dog always wants to eat the food you are eating, no matter what are you eating but do not give it everything just by looking at its cute little innocent eyes! It can be dangerous for the pup. There are some ingredients that are included in your everyday foods, and tomato is one of them. One of the most asked questions by pet keepers is can dogs eat tomatoes? Well, the can be given in both words ‘yes’ and ‘no ‘but why is it? Let’s have a look at its answer in detail.

Can My Dog Get Hurt By Eating A Tomato?

Your pup can eat tomato there is no harm in it, but there are some specific things in tomato that can be toxic for it. If you are a plant lover and there are a pup and a tomato plant in your house then keep both of them away from each other because your pup wants to taste and eat everything around the house but if fluffy eats the plant then the plant will be very harmful to the fluffy. After reading this you must be thinking that what the plant exactly contains that can hurt my dog?

A tomato plant contains a thing called ‘tomatine’ and it can damage the nervous system, kidneys, and digestive system of your little pup. You can give ripe tomatoes to the dog as it doesn’t do any harm to it, but be careful about the quantity. Remember! Do not give unripe tomatoes to the fluffy because it will show the same result as the tomato plant.

Is Cooked Tomatoes Okay For My Pup?

After reading the above Info, you must be thinking about different ways to give tomato to your pup, but after giving a ripe tomato your options are finished! And you must be thinking about giving the fluffy cooked tomatoes. You can give cooked tomatoes to your dog just like you give it the ripe ones; there is no harm in it.

Even tomato pomace is a common ingredient in most of the foods. The tomato pomace is made up of ripe fruit and it incorporates skin, pulp, and seeds. Cooked tomatoes are good for the dog but remember don’t give it in a sauce form. Tomato sauce, ketchup, soups, and juices can give harm to the pup as these things contain sugars, added salt, artificial colors, and so many other chemicals. The products of a small amount of tomato-based can be okay for the dog.

Can My Dog Get Sick After Eating A Tomato?

The person who owns a pet is very closed to them and is always worried about the things regarding them, whether it’s about taking care of them or about feeding them. After reading the above matter your mind must be highlighting more and more questions, and one of them is what if my dog gets sick after eating the tomato. Well, you do get the answer to the question that can my dog eat tomatoes? So let’s answer the other question.

Well, a tomato plant contains few things that can be harmful to any animal. The name which comes on the top of the list is solanine! It is found in the stem and the leaves of tomato and can be very harmful to the dog.

If you feel that your dog is getting sick after eating the tomato then note the following symptoms:

  • Lack of coordination
  • Diarrhea
  • Vomiting
  • Dilated pupils
  • Lots of drooling etc.

How Much Tomato Is Enough For The Dog?

While giving tomato to your dog you must think about the quantity and calories. It is very important because giving more and more tomatoes can even kill your dog! Be careful about all the measurements.

A dog is allowed to eat 1g of tomato per kg of its body weight. So if in 27.21kg a dog needs to swallow 2.7g of tomatine. If the pup takes more that it then there are 50 % chances of the dog’s death! To get more information do visit the vet or any other animal experts so they can guide you more about it because not all dogs can have tomatoes.