Can I Groom My Dog At Home?

Can I Groom My Dog At Home?

Grooming your pup at home must be some fun time, only if the dog cooperates with you. But before that, do you even know how to groom your pup at home? If not then you must get practice. Grooming is the work that can’t be done without any training. Did you ever noticed any changes in your dog’s behavior after coming back from grooming?

Are you planning to groom your pup by yourself? If yes then you should know some important things regarding the grooming. The best advice for you about grooming will definitely be that let it be done by the person who knows the work professionally.

Is It Safe To Groom My Pup At Home By Myself?

Do you really want to give an endeavor for grooming your pup at home? Well please don’t do it if you don’t have the ethical training. Whenever you take your dog to the groomers don’t you notice that they have formal training and particular tools for grooming your pup which you don’t have. They also have awareness about every breed.

They know if there is a need to shave or how to handle the pup so it will let you cut its nails, which you don’t know. For example, if you are about to shave your double-coated pup like Huskies, Border Collies, etc. then do not do it because shaving a double-coated dog will be a bad idea!

Is It Safe To Shave My Double Coated Dog?

If you want you’re your answer in simple then there is definitely a red sign for you! Here it’s not about shaving your double-coated dog on your own but shaving your double-coated dog at all!  After knowing all of the above information. If you still have any kind of doubts then keep reading the article because we have answer of your all questions!

After shaving your double-coated pup you will harm the natural coat of your pup. The shaved skin will get more sensitive and the sunlight could hurt the dog. The shaved skin of your dog can get very tender and your dog can even have lung cancer! That is why let the groomer do its job because he knows about all breeds.

Will Cutting Whiskers Hurt My Dog?

While grooming your dog you must be worried about doing anything to it even it is about the nails or the whiskers. But it is normal to get scared for your dog. While doing any grooming thing to your dog you should at least get some information regarding that thing, that whether the allowed how to do it.

Well, cutting whiskers will not hurt your dog. It is just like cutting the nails. Just be very careful because your pup love to go here and there a lot and if it moves at this moment then it would be bad for both of you.

Whiskers don’t have a nerve supply so it will not be an issue in cutting them at all. But if we talk about nails then yes as nails have never supplied so do not try to pull or twist them, it will be very hurtful for the pup.

Why My Pup Acts Weird After Having Bath?

Well, your pup doesn’t only act weird after having a bath, it also acts weird after coming from the vet. Well, it can happen because he might get scared of the clippers or the other dogs. Your pup can also have anxiety after coming back from the groomers.

Now let’s talk about why do the pups act weird after the bath? So when they got cleaned up after taking the bath, your pup feels really good that’s why it acts weird. He loves it that his old smell is back and now he can recognize himself again. So don’t worry puppies just extra happy!

Why Does My Pup Get Sad After Getting A Haircut?

Just put yourself self on the place of your pup. Would you like that you have taken to the barber and no one is even asking you if you really want a haircut? And then they cut your hair without asking you forcefully. You will definitely get sad but then you will accept it because you have to live with it now.

Well, that’s exactly what happened to your dog. Some are very sensitive regarding haircuts. Dogs do get sad when they don’t recognize the new it. As it was a regular thing to watch himself like it so how will it accept it so early? After getting a haircut you should give your dog some treat and some space so it will be able to be normal again.

Well, there are also some dogs who love haircuts! And they’ll show their excitement to you before getting a haircut even after that! They will feel so light that all the unnecessary hairs are gone and now they can have fun with the new them!

Can I Cut My Dog’s Hairs Short?

Weldon can act both sad or happy after getting a Short haircut. But here the main question is that can your dog breed have a short haircut while grooming?

As you know that short haircut or shaving is not allowed for the double coated pup. Because it will ruin their natural fur. But you can give short haircuts to the pups who have long and curly hair because it is very necessary to do it regularly especially in winters. So yes do short haircut grooming to the small breed fluffy.

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