Canadian Eskimo Dog Breed – The Best and Excellent Steps Guide

Canadian Eskimo Dog Breed – The Best and Excellent Steps Guide

Canadian Eskimo dog breed is an old and very ancient breed that still exists today. These dogs are very strong and always ready to work at any time. Moreover, this breed likes to live in groups. In addition to that, the Canadian dog breed has a square shape.

It has a powerful muscular system. On the other hand, these dogs have a thick double coat, thickest in the neck and chest area, and a beautiful bushy tail curled over the back. Eskimo dog breed can be stimulated by food, fighting, work, and play.

Because of these features, they are the companions of the adults rather than a pet for children.To know more about the Canadian Eskimo dog breed, let us dive into the ocean of information.


It is believed that more than 4000 years old, these ancient working dogs originate in the Arctic Circle, where they were pets by ancestors of modern Inuit. No doubt, Inuit is one of the main groups of the Eskimo people living in Canada’s Arctic areas.

Best of all, the Canadian Eskimo dog breed is versatile. The people use these dogs for transportation, hunting, and protecting against harmful bears and wild animals.


Unlike the other pet,the Canadian Eskimo dog breed is a curious, intelligent, loyal, and working dog. However, they have no importance individually but have a unique and important place in orientation. Furthermore, in a group, they challenge their humans.

Moreover, you cannot leave this breed unattended because they need a company all the time. Like other Spitz-type breeds, they are very vocal pups with a great capacity to howl. They make much nice when there is no stimulation they need.

Intelligence and Training

What is the special thing about the Canadian Eskimo dog breed? Obedience and socialization training is very necessary for these dogs. However, being highly intelligent pups, you can easily succeed in training them firmly and consistently.

You should know it’s their nature to live in a pack. So, you will have to maintain an order that they understand effectively. Moreover, positive reinforcement and encouragement are also very important. They build trust between the dog and the owner.

Ideal Environment

Apartments are not so good for the Canadian Eskimo dog breed, although it can work with suitable training and proper training. Best of all, it is very useful to have a large yard with a powerful fence at least six feet high.

These dogs are very expert in escaping from their place. Therefore, you should keep burry the fence into the ground nicely to stop their escape. However, it is very good to note that this breed is prone to heatstroke in hot weather.

Good for Families and Kids

Indeed, the Canadian Eskimo dog breed is very loving, loyal, and durable dogs. Because of these features, these dogs are very good for families and kids. Moreover, all your family members and kids can play and pat them without any danger of attack.

They are famous and playful and affectionate around older children, especially when socialized and raised with them. These dogs are not good for younger children as they live in a pack and may not recognize a small human.

More about Canadian Eskimo Dog Breed

  • The average height is 37 inches for males and 24 inches for females.
  • Their average weight is 60-95 lbs for females and 65-105 lbs for males.
  • These dogs have a life period of 10-15 years.

The Conclusion

To sum up, I have described the Canadian Eskimo dog breed with all its good and useful features nicely. So, before buying your pet, you should always keep all the dog’s positive and negative aspects.

One thing is clear that this dog likes to live in groups and needs great attention. Therefore, before adoption, this dog should think about your free time to attend Eskimo pets. For extra details and information about this breed, please contact us through email and the comments section.

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