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Hey you got any query related to Dogs? We are here to serve you at the optimum level. Please see below before moving further. You are highly appreciated!

Hey are you looking for the new shade for your dog?

Unluckily we don’t own any shelter for Dogs. Are you unable to take care of your pet? Did you ask your circle (friends and family) for the help? If you haven’t contacted them yet then we suggest you to do so, because nobody can take care of your dog as you. If you still find any difficulty then contact the SPCA. Please keep this in mind that it is never okay to intemperance a pet.

Are you worried for your dogs health or facing any behavioral problems?

We are just zoophilist not professional doctors, and that is why we cater the expert’s article, we are completely unaware about any individual pet’s particular requirements.We suggest you to kindly contact the nearest vet in case of any emergency. You can check out the experts article in the health section of our website, but don’t consider the articles as alternate of your vets advice.

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If we couldn’t cater your needs on the above section or you’re facing a significant or specific query than you’re more than welcome to contact us at or We will try best to serve you in concrete and comprehensive way with in the required time. Thanks!