Dog Lip Licking – These Could Be Some Major Licking Causes

Dog Lip Licking – These Could Be Some Major Licking Causes

Do you know there is some medical cause of dog lip licking other than normal behavior?  Most dog owners don’t pay attention to the dog lip licking because they consider it normal.

Besides, many of us assume that a dog is licking because he might be thirsty. However, there could be different scenarios where dogs start lip licking.

Causes Of Dog Lip Licking

Below we will discuss some of the behavioral and medical causes of dog lip licking.

Behavioral Causes Of Dog Lip Licking

There are two types of behavioral causes of dog lip licking that are the following:

Normally Lick Due To Dry Lips

Lip licking can be normal behavior in dogs. Mostly, dogs start lip licking when they are thirsty or having a dry mouth. Other than that, the dogs lick when any bug is irritating the.

Moreover, your dog might be licking because there is something stuck in his mouth. Besides, the dogs start lip licking when they need any snack.

Due To Anxiety

The second reason for normal behavior lip-licking could be due to anxiety. Most of the dogs lick when they have a frustrated mood. Additionally, when the dog is in the usual situation and confused about the people’s gesture,s they start lip licking.

Other possible reasons for lip licking due to anxiety are the following:

  • Stressed
  • Frightened
  • Yawning
  • Tired
  • Approached by other dogs
  • Not in a mood to interact with other dogs

Some Medical Causes Of Dog Lip Licking

There are some medical causes of dog lip licking that we’ll deliberate below:


If any bug bit the dog around their mouth, he will start licking in that area. The bites are mostly done by the insects, flies, mosquito, spider, bee, wasp, horse flies, and other bugs.

Other than that, if any snake bit the dog, it will cause swelling and pain. As a result, dogs start lip licking.


Most of the dogs don’t like to eat when they are sick. Dogs will have dry mouth when they haven’t drunk water for some time. Moreover, the dogs suffering from diarrhea will have dry mouth and do lip-licking all the time.

Teeth Disease

Lip licking could be a cause of mental disease. On the other hand, if there is any gum infection, the dog will start licking that area.

There is tartar build-up on the teeth that will result in mouth dryness, and the dog will keep on licking that area. Besides, any swelling or infection in the teeth that irritates the dog will make him prone to lip licking.

Holding Something In Mouth

Whenever a dog is holding something in their mouth, he will start doing lip licking. Mostly, dogs hold bones, toys, sticks, any stick, or plants.


Whenever a dog is having nausea, they will start licking their lip area. Nausea could be due to sickness or other infections in the immune system. Likewise, the dogs have nausea when they aren’t feeling well or suffering from diarrhea.

Oral Ulcers

Oral ulcer is one of the common reason for dog lip licking. Most of the oral ulcers happen in dogs due to the swelling or infection in gums. On the other side, oral ulcer happens due to indigestion. Also, ulcers happen due to allergic dishwashers.

Additionally, the ulcers will occur due to some of the allergic things, such as detergents or bleach.


All types of seizures in dogs will cause dog lip licking. Usually, the canine seizures are the common cause of dog lip licking. On the other hand, the grandmal seizures will cause a lip-licking among all dog breeds.


If a dog went through any accident, he would lick his lips continuously. What’s more? The trauma could be due to several reasons, including cut, wounds, abrasion, and much more.

The trauma could also increase the anxiety and stress among dogs, and they will lick their lips. In fact, the dogs will lick their lips when they recall any bad memories.

Nasty Taste

Whenever a dog doesn’t like any smell or a bad taste in their mouth, they will do lip licking. On the other side, the lip-licking could be due to foul smell even if the detergent or shampoo you are using to bath dog will make him lick their lips.

Most of the cleaners don’t have a pleasant smell, and it will result in oral infections. However, some of the insect killers will cause nausea among all dogs that result in dog lip licking.

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