Dog Shock Collar – Some Essential Features To Know Above It

Dog Shock Collar – Some Essential Features To Know Above It

There are some vital points that you must acknowledge before buying a dog shock collar. In fact, the functioning of the dog collar shouldn’t be limited. Additionally, you will know the good and bad sides of shock collars in our guide. Read On!

3 Features Of Dog Shock Collar


The range of dog shock collar. Most of the dog shock collars have a range of 900 yards. However, you need to consider where you will be using the dog shock collar. More than that, the dog shock collars should have a range that can easily cover your backyard.

In larger areas, you won’t be able to see your dog and what he is doing. Furthermore, the dog shock collars with the wider range are more helpful because they will help you train the dog no matter how far he is.

Besides that, the dogs run fast, and sometimes they can go away from you in the dog park. Thus, you have to pick a dog shock collar with the longest possible range.

With the longer range of dog shock collars, you can easily detect the behavior of your dog. Best of all, shock collars also have a behavior setting option. If the dog is not listening or out of range doing some abnormal activity, the shock will be automatically given to them.

This tactic is quite helpful, but you have to set the right perimeter of the dog shock collar. Your dog doesn’t get shocked without any reason.


The shocks shouldn’t be painful at all. Before buying a shock collar, you need to look that it is from an authentic company, so it doesn’t harm your dog. Moreover, the dog’s shock collar should give the dog an unpleasant feeling, so he doesn’t repeat that activity or quit doing that action.

On the other side, you need to buy a dog shock collar that has adjustable settings. It is crucial to set the settings at the lowest so your dog doesn’t feel the shock’s high intensity.

Apart from that, you need to choose between static shock and simple shock. However, the static shock will tell the right intensity of the shock you need to give to your dog.

In addition to it, the static shock collars are also known as the stimulus shock collars. The functioning of the fixed and stimulant shock collar is the same.

Remote Of Dog Shock Collar

Always buy the dog shock collar with the remote. You will have quick access to giving the shock to the dog with the remote. More than that, the dog owners can monitor the activity of dogs with the remote. Most of the dog care training collar comes with the remotes.

Additionally, you’ll receive vibration or sound on the remote of the dog’s shock collar when the dog is not behaving well. The punishment of dogs should be given according to their activity.

Benefits Of Dog Shock Collars

Quick Results

According to the users of dog shock collars, they claimed that it helps train the dogs in less time. Moreover, the unwanted behavior of the dog will be corrected easily with the shock collars. However, the shocks shouldn’t be painful for the dog.

Other buyers of dog shock collars said that even a beep could easily stop the dog from doing the action, and shocks are rarely needed.

Adjustable Sensitivity Levels

The advanced dog shock collars allow the owner to choose the shock level. On the other side, the dog collars that only spray a bad smell to irritate the dog will not allow you to adjust the sensitivity.


The dog shock collars are available in a wide price range. You can find a shock collar for 30 to 250 dollars easily. On the other hand, you will find the dog shock collars of longer-range at a higher price tag.

Drawbacks Of Dog Shock Collar

Over Fear

Once you start training the dog with shocks, it can over-fear them. For instance, your dog can refuse to go outside of their home. In fact, some of the users said that the dog shock collar fence over-feared the dog, and he urinated. Therefore, the dog collar is not good for all dogs.

Auto-Shocks/ Wrong Shocks

Some of the shock collars come with the auto shock option. Sometimes the shocks could be given on auto settings even when your dog is not doing anything harmful or wrong. Besides that, you need to correct the shock issue because it is bad for your dog.

No Rewards

The dog shock collars will only determine the bad behavior. You will not be able to monitor the good behavior of the dogs. Besides that, you should give the dog rewards if you are using the shock collars for bad behavior. Small treats are necessary for the dogs to acknowledge their good behavior.

On the other hand, treating the dog with shocks will not let him become a good dog. In addition to this, the dog collar shocks should only be used when the dog is not listening to the owner verbally.

You can find the best dog shock collar on amazon, Walmart, and target. Other than that, there are waterproof dog shock collars available online and in-stores.

We hope that our guide on dog shock collars helps you out! Thank you for visiting us!

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