Dogs Swimming Underwater Is So Weird

Dogs Swimming Underwater Is So Weird

Having a really hot day will lead you to take a cool and long bath or go swimming. If you have a swimming pool in your home then you might be the lucky person during summer. Your swimming for a long time is fine but if you have a dog then got to be careful about so many things. There are so many pros and cons of letting your dog swim or go underwater for a long time. You should know some of the pros and cons so you can decide what is better for your fluffy friend.

Pros and Cons

Swimming around in summer with your dog is fun but there are some disadvantages of it which you should know.

It is proved by the scientist that when an animal and a human go in the same water for underwater swimming or normal swimming for a long time can lead both of them to skin problems like dryness, itching or even red spots on the skin.

The chlorine water which is added to the swimming pool is not a good thing for a dog. When your dog spends a lot of time swimming and even goes underwater then chlorine water will be injurious to the dog’s health.

As this fact is well known that dogs can hold their breath for about 30 minutes whenever it is needed but that doesn’t mean to allow your dog to spend a lot of time underwater. And if you did then there won’t be any problem in starting but the water which has gone inside of the dog’s lungs will sooner be giving some breathing issue to the dog.

Some of the dogs can be died after swimming in the water of the toxic algae.

If your dog is gaining weight and not eating the diet food then you can do one thing. First, clean your pool very carefully and let your dog swim for 5-10 or 20 minutes. Swimming asks for a lot of muscle work and 10 minutes are enough for calorie burn!

Swimming will also boost up the metabolism of your dog.

Swimming will also let your dog have good coordination of the muscles and even will help him out on balancing.

It is said that dogs are the best swimmers so why don’t you check your dog’s skills and let it part in any swimming race?