German Shepherd Dogs Breed Information

German Shepherd Dogs Breed Information

History Of German Shepherd

The German Shepherd dog is honored and idolized throughout the world for its versatility, cleverness and allegiance.

  • The early Shepherd dogs for Germany were of various categories fitted to their climates coat length and texture, colour and build all buried but, these types of all retained, ruggedness, intelligence, wellness, and the proficiency to do labored work.
  • Max von in 1889 commenced the standard of the breed it all came to exist at a dog show in western Germany.
  • In Germany, at the Karlsruhe, a medium-sized yellow and grey Wolf-like dog grabbed his attention.

Basic Breed Information

Lifespan 10.95 years
Energy level High
Group Herding group
Male weight 77-95 lb
Female weight 55-73 lb
Male height 24-26 inches
Popularity of Colors Tan/black

Content of Table

  1. History.
  2. fun facts of the German Shepherd dog.
  3. Varieties of German Shepherd.
  4. Colors.
  5. Friendliest dog breed.
  6. German Shepherd information.
  7. Personality.
  8. Health matters.
  9. Working dog.
  10. The ancient and modern breed.


  • Germany of 1890.
  • Hector, the founding.
  • Dog of the breed.


  • The broad and wedge-shaped head.
  • Pointed ears.
  • 55-65 centimeter height at the cross.
  • Long and descendant tail.
  • Dense and Hard coat.


  • Black.
  • Yellow.
  • Gray.
  • Fire.
  • Tan black.
  • Red black.


  • Working dog.
  • Searching for criminals.
  • Search and Rescue.
  • Balanced.
  • Confident and steady.
  • Alert and intelligent.
  • Very smart and versatile.

Health Issue Narrative Native

  • Spinalenosis.
  • Hip dysplasia.
  • Ear infection.

Facts About German Shepherd Dog

The German Shepherd is a species of medium to large-sized working dogs that originated in Germany. The breeds comprehend name is German Shepherd dog in the English language.

The ever-loyal German dogs invariably different at the prime of prominent dog breeds in America because of lots of reasons, With their composure, optimistic demeanor, these defensive Fido’s are very sharp and intelligent and also anxious to gratify and quick to understand.

Varieties of German Shepard

There are different types of German Shepherd.It’s the fundamental knowledge which must-have for the purchaser to know.If any pa person who is planning to acquire German Shepherd for his self so, first of all, he/she should research about that breed.

There are five numerous types of German Shepherd dogs these five, kinds of dogs are of the same breed.

Most people adore and cherish all of them, but it is crucial for future possessors and trainers which one ‘ German shepherd’ is better suited for different roles and jobs.

Types of German Shepherd

  1. American show lines.
  2. West German show lines.
  3. West German working lines.
  4. East German DDR working lines.
  5. Czech working lines.


The German Shepherd can breed in so-called “rarer” colours, which encompass any shade of blue, liver, cream, or white. Black and tan is the most popular Shepherd combination.

Health Issues

The German shepherd dog is the best option of many law enforcement and martial mechanisms all over the world.

Every dog owner must know about all the diseases of the German shepherd dog as usually, GSD are very healthy, there are some common diseases in them,unfortunately, the breed plagued with nearly 50, hereditary infections. Seven major diseases plaguing the GSD are, characterizedherein: pancreatic acinar atrophy, hip, degenerative, haemophilia, and hereditary multifocal renal. They are healthy because of it’s an extra-large size, in most of GSD life span around eight or nine years old. NATIONAL BREED CLUB recommended the following health tests

  1. A hip evaluation.
  2. Elbow evaluate

Read the  Official Breed Club Health Statement

Friendliest Dogs Breed

German Shepherd dogs are friendly and incredible dogs. They have a powerful pact with their owners and their family members. Perhaps, they cannot be so peaceful towards outsiders, but with known faces, they are so protective loving, caring and is the perfect and exemplary companion.


The Male German Shepherd dogs stand24 to 26 inches moreover female German Shepherd dogs stand 22 to 24 inches.

The Old vs Modern German Shepherd breed.

Hector linksrhein may be referred as first GSD was the part of captain Max Emil Friedrich von Stephanitz’s breeding programmed, he was an old German Shepherd dog.

If we talk about grooming the old GSD thought to stand until the owner checks their body parts such as eyes, teeth, paw, claws ETC.

They were so vigilant a did exercise on daily basis, such as agility, fly ball and obedience old German Shepherd breed is hard-working an independent they are loyal to their family and have a right bond with family members.

Modern German Shepherd breed is criticized because it’s away from max ideology.

Common Cause of Death In GSD.

There are several reasons for the death of the dogs the most familiar reasons were musculoskeletal disorders and inability to stand. On the other hand,the most frequent disorder’s in German Shepherd dogs were otitis externa, osteoarthritis, diarrhoea, overweight and aggression.

The given conclusions are for a veterinarian to give the proof-based recommendations.

Working Dog

German shepherd dogs are very loyal and talented doing multiple tasks at a time and have been a part of the military that’s why people called them working dogs.

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