Golden Retriever Puppy – All About The Popular US Dog Breed

Golden Retriever Puppy – All About The Popular US Dog Breed

Without a doubt, the golden retriever puppy is the cutest among all other breeds of dogs. This US dog bread has shiny golden hair that makes its appearance pleasant than others. Here in our guide, you will know all about this amazing dog breed.

Besides, the golden retriever puppies are very obedient, and it is the best option among all dog breed to have a pet.  Not only this,but the golden retriever dog also is intelligent, too, so you can easily command them to do any task. You will find most of the hunting or tracking dogs that are from the golden retriever breed.

Furthermore, law enforcement agencies also have a trained golden retriever puppy. Best of all, this breed has athletic abilities naturally, and they will perform great in all sports activities. This breed got recognition in 1932 and became the second popular breed of US dogs.

Golden Retriever Puppy Training

The training of golden retriever is not much hectic because they aren’t much aggressive, and they are protective of their owners. Likewise, if you are going to buy this breed of dog, let us tell you that we are very friendly and playful.

So you can easily train them in just a few days. This dog breed is very loving and if you live alone, consider having a golden retriever because they will be your best partner.

Highlights About A Golden Retriever Puppy

The liveliest and active dog breed is a golden retriever. More than that, you will have a puppy that plays a lot and blows away the depression of other people. Till three years, the golden retriever pup will be a bit annoying too. All the dogs of golden retriever breed will have childish habits in their old age too.

Other than that, the golden retriever dog needs exercise every day. Therefore, before adopting one, you must encounter that it needs your attention too. A golden breed of dog will play in the water too. However, make sure you dry them quickly to avoid skin allergies.

Besides, you can train your golden to behave, and this dog breed will follow the owner’s commands. In addition to this, you can give some tasks to your golden dog. For instance, assign the duty to wake up the family members every morning. Indeed, a golden dog will behave well once you taught him the right way in the training session.

As well you need to engage your golden retriever puppy or dog in some exercises. Exercise is essential for all dogs to stay healthy, mentally, and physically. So if you go out to workout, take golden along so he can walk and breathe fresh air.

It is a bad option if you want to buy a golden puppy for keeping at home all day. For instance, if the golden dog doesn’t have any physical activity outdoor, they will remain upset. The only flaw of having a golden retriever as a puppy is that he will not always bark in-front of all strangers.

It’s a bad option if you are thinking of having a watching dog for your protection.Mostly, the golden dog breed is a calm dog that will pass a smile to any unknown person too.

Size Of Golden Retriever Dog

The size of a male golden retriever dog is larger than a female. If you are adopting a male golden, make sure that the weights between 60 to 75 pounds. The height of a male golden retriever dog is 24 inches. On the other hand, a female golden retriever weighs between 55 to 60 pounds.

The height of a female golden retriever is 22 inches. All of the golden dogs will have their full height once they turn 1. Besides, a golden dog, male/ female, will become mature at two.

Nature Of Golden Retriever Dog

This breed of dog is popular because they have a calm and sweetest nature. They are trained in such a way that it can be beneficial for humans. Do you know that the gold will love to please other humans whom they are familiar with?

However, it is important to give the right training to the dogs to respect their owners. Socialization and brought up of puppies also matters. On the other side, exposure is essential for all dogs to behave properly. You will have a well-mannered dog if the golden right socialization phase earlier in their life.

Health Of Golden Retriever Dog

The golden retriever dogs are the most active and healthy, but they are more likely to have allergies and other diseases. However, all the golden puppies or dogs aren’t healthy if they haven’t given proper care. You can know more about the health condition of golden retriever dogs through the OFA website.

Care Of Golden Retriever Dog

The golden retriever dogs are the perfect hiking companion. Furthermore, you will have an amazing time with them playing in any outdoor place. The goldens like to play with the ball too. So if you have free time in the evening, take them to any park to refresh yourself and gold as well.

It is important to drain the energy of your dog every day for 30 minutes so he can digest the food properly. Moreover, you will have a more well-mannered dog if your pet is mentally in a healthy state. Golden retriever dogs love to play and keep things in the mouth.

You can buy your golden, a soft toy, or a ball. The golden retriever pups need more care when they are in a growing phase. However, your golden pup will be mature after 2 years, and their growth is very rapid. Do not let your golden dog play on harder surfaces because they might injure themselves.

You need to look after the pup until the bones are completely formed until seven months. Allow the little pups to play on grass or muddy areas.

Feeding Of Golden Dog

You have to feed the dog in the right portion for maintaining his weight. The wets recommend that golden retriever needs 3 cups of dry food every day. Moreover, you have to feed the dog two times a day.

It is good to feed dogs only two times; otherwise, the dog might be overweight. However, if the dog is underweight, you can give them a snack between both meals or increase their food; nevertheless, if you are in doubt that your dog it overweight,then give him an eye test.

You can determine the right weight of the golden by touching his ribs. If the ribs didn’t feel even after pressing hardly, start giving your dog less quantity of food.

Golden retriever’s puppies need to do more exercise to stay healthy and active. Without any doubt, this breed of dog will be grown up very quickly, so they are prone to bone injuries. So you need to give them fewer calories to slower the growing phase.

Color Of Golden Retriever Dogs

The golden retriever dogs have different shades of golden, and you will find some of them in a very light golden color. The outer coat of the golden is darker and thicker than the inner one. Some of the dogs have wavy fur, but most of the golden have straight fur. The fur of a golden retriever puppy will be even smoother if you keep them clean.

In addition to this, the golden retriever dogs have more fur on their chest, tail, and back. This dog breed will shed a lot of hair in the spring as well as fall seasons. So you must be prepared to clean their fur if you aren’t adopting them in the winter or summer season.

Grooming Of Golden Retrievers

The right grooming of golden retrievers will make their appearance smoother. You can buy a brush to detangle their long hair. However, do not brush them often. It is best to brush a golden retriever once in 8 to 10 days. Plus, give your golden a bath every month.

What’s more? You need to brush the teeth of golden to avoid any infection and foul mouth smell. It would be best if you brush the teeth of golden every day. Dogs have a gum infection, too, when their owner doesn’t brush their teeth for a month.

Nail trimming is essential after every month. It is better to cut the nails of dogs if he doesn’t obey the commands. Many people prefer cutting the dog nails because it makes a clicking sound while they walk on the floor.

Lastly, you need to check if the golden doesn’t have any skin allergy, infection, hotspot, rash, or inflamed skin. The eye color shouldn’t be reddish, and the nose shouldn’t be running or too dry. Examine the dog every week.