Hot Spot in Dogs – Causes, Treatment, And Prevention

Hot Spot in Dogs – Causes, Treatment, And Prevention

The hot spot in dogs is one of the common health issues among all breeds. Another name of the hot spot is summer sore because it happens in humid weather to most of the dogs, so if you see your dog itching most of the time at any part of their body, it’s a sign of a hot spot.

This health issue of dog is painful, and it causes inflammation in the skin. When the skin gets infected by the hot spot, your dog will not feel comfortable.

Usually, the hot spots are itchy and make the skin moist. Moreover, the dogs try to soothe their hotspots by licking that part.

However, licking that part of the hot spot will make the condition even worse, and it might spread at other parts of the body. Below we’ll articulate the causes of hot spots and their treatment.

Causes of Hot Spot in Dogs

There is no single cause of hot spots in dogs because it can happen from an insect bite or any allergy of skin. Besides, if the skin of the dog is moist, it has more chances of absorbing bacteria and results in hot spots. Below are the most common causes of hot spots in all dog breeds.

  • Bit by a flea
  • The allergic reaction by any food
  • Stress or excessive lick or chew on body
  • Any injury
  • Moist body
  • Humid weather
  • Hairy dog

Is It Necessary To Treat Hot Spot In Dogs Or It Will Go Away By Itself?

You have to treat the hot spot in dogs, and it is necessary to have a dog checkup by a vet. Also, you have to stop your dog from licking or scratching his body. If the dog keeps on itching or licking the hot spots, the infection will become worse, and it causes rigid hair.

Treatment Of Hot Spot In All Dog Breeds

There are several treatments of the hot spot in dogs. But, you have to recommend a vet before implementing any treatment of a hot spot. After evaluating the condition of your dog, the vet will tell you to follow the specific treatment for preventing the hot spots.

  • Trim the hair around the area of hot spots.
  • Use antiseptics to clean the hair and skin of the dog.
  • Give the medicines to the dog that is prescribed by the vet to reduce inflammation.
  • Buy a dog cone to stop the dog from itching.

The dog spots will go away after a week or 5 days after you are following the right treatment specified by the vet. It is better to reserve an appointment with a vet as soon as possible to treat the hot spot in dogs.

Are Home Remedies Effective To Treat Hot Spots?

The Hot spots in dogs aren’t treatable by the home remedies. So you have to ask a vet before treating this health issue of the dogs. Other than that, if the appointment of the vet is too late, then wash the hot spots of the dog or apply ice packs to reduce the inflammation. Besides, you need to stop the dog from licking the hot spots.

Prevention Of Hot Spot In Dogs

To prevent the hot spot in dogs, you need to take care of the dog’s skin. Besides, you can prevent hot spots by managing allergies and other skin treatments. Other than that, if your dog is hair, make sure that he dries up quickly after taking a bath.

Above all, if the weather is humid, you have to put a coat over the body of the dog. The coat will prevent the moisture on the dog’s skin. Plus, the coat will protect the skin from getting moist. Besides that, if the dog is always bored or inactive, he will scratch more often.

So it is better to take your dog to the park to avoid boredom. Furthermore, dog exercise will help a dog to become active and busy.

All the dogs will suffer from hot spots at some time in their life. You can take extra care of the dog’s skin to avoid such allergies. Nevertheless, no dog owner can discard the skin allergies of dogs but reduce them with some precautions.

Hopefully, our guide helps you to know all about the hot spot in dogs.