How Dangerous Can My Dog’s Eye Infection Be?

How Dangerous Can My Dog’s Eye Infection Be?

Getting a pet dog is not just always fun. It could get serious sometimes only if you don’t take care of your pup’s food, health, and especially hygiene. Hygiene is very important for an animal as well as for humans. If you don’t maintain your dog’s hygiene properly and regularly then it could cause some serious infections or different issues.

The most serious and sensitive infection of all is the dog’s eye infection. Eyes are the most sensitive part of the dog’s body and its infection sometimes could get serious, if it doesn’t get the correct treatment then the infection could also lead the dog to blindness!

How Would I Know That My Dog Has An Eye Infection?

If you are noticing something different in your pup’s eye and even it’s not a dog’s eye infection, then you need to know the symptoms to be sure about your dog’s eye infection before taking it to the vet. As you are confirmed about the dog’s eye infection take your pup to the vet immediately even you don’t think it is an emergency or not!

These symptoms will help you to be sure about your dog’s eye infection;

  • You may notice your dog is crying more and more because it could be hurting.
  • Your dog will also show irritation because of the light due to the dog’s eye infection.
  • If your dog is red-eye, then take it to the vet as soon as possible because it is the most common and dangerous sign of the dog’s eye infection!
  • Your dog eye may also show some yellow or green discharge which will change itself into crust after some time.
  • Dog’s eye infection could be hurtful sometimes, that is why you will also notice that your dog keep pawing its eye and will also keep it close most of the time
  • If you are noticing that your pup’s eye is swelling then don’t observe the other symptoms of the dog’s eye infection and take it to the vet immediately!

Will The Dog’s Eye Infection could Get Healed by Itself?

It would be great if your dog’s eye infection will get healed by itself, isn’t it? Of course, you will also be relaxed as well as your dog. But do not assume it by yourself that the dog’s eye infection will get healed easily. Even if it’s not a serious issue you need to go to the wet and ask all the precautions.

Remember! Your dog’s eye infection will never get healed by itself. It does need some kind of medication or treatment so it will get healed properly. The vet will let you know the medicines or the treatment which will be needed for the dog’s eye infection. If you do take good care of your dog’s eye infection properly then it will heal soon!

What do I do For My Dog’s Eye Infection? Can It Heal Through Natural Process?

Wouldn’t it be great that your dog’s eye infection will get healed soon by the natural process? But for that, you need to concern the vet first. People think of so many different ways to heal the dog’s eye infection. Some try to do it on natural remedies, some try to give their own eye drops to the dog and some do what is right to do! They go to the vet. Let’s talk about all of the ways that pop up in your mind.

If you are willing to give your own eye drops because you think that it will heal the dog’s eye infection because it does yours. Well, you are wrong. Do not give your eye drops to the dog because the infection is different, the bacteria is different even the drops dosage could be bad for the pup and can also lead it to get blind. So giving your eye drops to for your dog’s eye infection is strictly prohibited!

Doing natural treatment to the dog could be effective but you need to concern the vet first so he could tell you whether the dog’s eye infection needs medication or a natural treatment. If your vet allows you to do natural treatment then, make a solution of ¼ cup of warm water and ¼ teaspoon of salt. Mix it properly then dip a cotton bud into it and then rub it on the dog eye and then start cleaning it. Do start it from the corner of the eye by going towards the ear.

Doing natural treatment may take time to heal the dog’s eye infection but if you medicate it properly it won’t take more than 3-5 days.

How Would I Know That My Dog’s Eye Infection Is Leading Itself for An Emergency Treatment?

Any dog’s eye infection could lead itself to emergency treatment if not medicated properly before. But some of the dog’s eye infections are based on emergency treatment. If your dog is having eye pain or you can see your dog’s dilated pupil then go for the vet ASAP. Having a cloudy corner eye or having eye blood in it, you can say it a reddish eye too. Both of these signs are an alarm to wake you up and take your dog to the vet because it is an emergency!