How to Bathe Your Dog At Home

How to Bathe Your Dog At Home

So what do you think about bathing your dog? Some water with shampoo and toys to distract your dog right? Like how hard can it be to bathe your dog? Well, it could be very tough sometimes even for the groomer whether your dog loves to bathe or runs away when hear you saying BATH! But remember that you should take your dog for a bath regularly because it’s very important for its hygiene and health.

How Habitually Do You Have To Bathe Your Dog

After every 30 days, dogs got a whole new layer of cells and if the old cells are not cleaned up then it will be dander and unhygienic for the dog. If you take your dog for regular grooming and bathing then it will be great.

You don’t have to bathe your dog more than once a month unless it starts playing in the mud. It also sometimes depends on the breed and the layers of coated fur. The dogs that have long and thick fur will need more bathing and trip to the professional groomer regularly than a regular dog. If you get confused sometimes whether to bathe your dog or not then you should concern the vet or the groomer so they could guide you more properly in detail.

Important Products and Apparatuses

First of all, you need to decide the bathing place of your dog. It would be easy for you because it will depend on the size of your dog. If your dog is small in size then a small place will be good for it as your kitchen sink and if the dog is big then a bath tub will be fine. Some owners prefer a separate bathtub for the dog so its fur won’t make a mess in their family bathtub, some owners give baths to their pups in the family bathing tub and both are fine. You can also make a DIY bathing tub for your dog at home very easily. All you have to do is chose a perfect place where you can put your dog in for a bath easily and let him out easily without facing any mess.

Before taking your dog for bathing make sure that you have shampoo, conditioner, towels, and eyewash in a reachable place so while bathing you won’t face any kind of trouble. Of course, you don’t want to run after your dog while finding the conditioner. Try to have a non-slip bathing mat so it will be easier for you.

How to Pick the Perfect Shampoo and Conditioner

If you want to give your dog the perfect bathe then you have to choose the right products. Never use shampoo made for humans on your dog. Always buy the products whether its shampoo or conditioner or any other thing. Dogs have different PH level as compared to a human, so if you use a product on a dog which is made for human than it may cause skin allergy or irritations. Also when it comes to the puppy, do not use a shampoo of an adult dog. The PH level of the shampoo of a puppy is the same as its eye so it won’t irritate it.

If you still get confuse between some shampoo brands then you should as your dog’s professional groomer. He will guide you about the perfect shampoo for your furry mate. If your dog is already having any kind of itchy skin due to some reason the always use a mild shampoo.

Perfect Technique to Wash Your Dog

Now have gathered all the washing products and a perfect place has also been selected for your pup. Now it’s bathing time!

  • To take your dog to the washing spot you can start by giving them treats so they won’t get disturbed in the starting.
  • Wet take some shampoo and dilute it with some water. No need to worry, as the texture of the shampoo is thick you need to add some water to it so it can spread easily and you won’t use more and more shampoo. To make it easier you can also mix some shampoo with water in a bowl while preparing for the bathe.
  • Now wet your dog with warm water, make sure it’s not cold. You can check the temperature of the water by your elbow or hand.
  • Now you have to wash your dog twice with the shampoo as the first time it washes away the dirt and the second time it cleans up the skin. You can also massage your dog with your hands or can also use a loofah.
  • Now put on some conditioner and wait for some minutes. Then wash it away properly by rubbing their fur. If any product stays on the dog then it will be worst than giving it no bathe at all.