How to Stop Your Dog from Digging

How to Stop Your Dog from Digging

Having a pet dog’s best friend is so much fun! But there are also some flaws from which you can get upset with your dog. So for that, you need to learn the real reason behind your pup’s actions and should find a good solution to stop your dog instead of dealing with them roughly.

Dogs are the most active, responding and joyful animal. It’s their nature to love toddlers also be protective for them. But they also have some good and bad habits and that’s the responsibility of the owner to deal with them properly. There is always a reason behind the good and bad behavior of an animal. So before finding a solution to the problem, it’s important to find a solution to a problem so afterward there won’t be any chance that it would happen again.

Why Your Dog Dig?

There are so many reasons of your dog digging. Some are below.

  • Just like dog bark or wave their tails to show you their response they also dig, that’s a nature of a dog. Same as it your dog digs and this behavior is inherited to them by their ancestors. It’s normal when your dog digs and if you haven’t seen your dog digging in a yard or any other place then you have seen them scratching or dig a little when they lie down to sleep on a couch or sofa.
  • There are a lot of dog breeds that love to go after small animals or insects they saw in the yard. Humans usually can’t see those small animals but dogs can see them and can even hear them underground. If you have a small hound dog then this behavior is completely normal because they have in it their blood.
  • Hot weather could be also a reason for the dog digging in the yard. There are a lot of dog breeds that in existence to live in cold places that is why they have double or triple coated body fur. If these breeds are living in a hot place then they will dig so they could dig out cold soil and lie down there for some time.
  • Pet dogs are habitat of living in the home. They do love to go outside but for some hours. If you left your dog alone for a long time in the yard and the pup has started digging then he might be finding a way to come inside the house.
  • Do you have any kids or any other dog in your neighborhood? Your dog can also dig in the yard after listening to the kid’s voice or to any other dog that he wants to play with.

What Are The Basic Solution To Stop Dog From Digging?

As it is also clear to you that digging is the nature of your dog, so you won’t be able to remove it completely but you can try to reduce it slowly.

  • You can put stones in your garden or have some bushes that will give difficulty to your dog while digging. You can also place impediments so your dog will get distracted.
  • You can also guide your dog to a specific spot for digging you can also put a box of sand or something else in which your dog can dig for a fun time.
  • If your dog is digging for a cool place then put a bed outside of the house in a shady place where the pup can spend some time without any digging. If you can’t do that then go to the pet hairdresser and ask them to trim your pet’s fur so they won’t face any problem due to the hot temperature.
  • If your pup is digging because of the rodents then try to reduce their population in your yard but try not to use poison as it could also get your dog when it digs.
  • If you are leaving the house then make sure that the dog stays in the house and has some toys to play with so it won’t feel alone or else it can have separation anxiety.