How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping

How To Stop Your Dog From Jumping

Jumping is a normal problem among dogs. It is a common problem in dogs when they jump up on you to stop to go ahead. Sometimes it would be dangerous for small children in your house, and disabled children are in your place. But here is the solution that you can train your dog so that they will not jump up on you.

  • It is a natural behavior of puppies.
  • They do jumping to get the attention of their owners.
  • It can be sometimes dangerous for children and old age people.
  • When you are well dressed and, your dog jumps up on you, your dress get spoiled.
  • Jumping can cause severe injuries.

Dogs Greet By Jumping

Dogs always do such things which reward them. That’s why they ever do greeting by jumping to show their happiness and excitement. This behavior developed when you take their paws in your hands. It’s easy to stop them to push them back.

Stop Your Dog From Jumping

When you train your little doggy, it seizes a lot of time and tolerance as well. It’s also a sort of training that you give to your dog not to jump on people. There are do’s and dont’s you have to do. It means that there are some activities you should stop and some actions that you should follow. Be consistent when you give training to your puppy. Always ignore your dog when they jump and when they sit toss some treats on the floor. Try to find an alternative to greet your dog rather than jumping. When you ignore your jumping dog according to some research, their jumping addiction should stop.

Give Training On The Floor

  • In the very beginning, teach your dog to keep their paws on the floor.
  • Give treats to your dog before greeting them.
  • This impression thought your dog not to leave the floor for greeting.
  • Reward them before greeting.
  • Before reaching your dog’s place, toss some treats on the floor.
  • Repeat all these steps again and again when you see their paws on the ground.
  • When your dog understands all the rules give them more treats.

Follow all the instructions which you have made for this training.

  • Ask your friends and family to cooperate.
  • Always admire your dog and give them treat when your dog follows all the instructions.
  • When your dog jump’s you should ignore and move on.

Training With Friends And Family

It’s not sufficient to do practice with the owner. You must involve friends and family in this training. That’s why it’s crucial to do exercise with the dog. Introduce your puppy with friends and family and let them interact with each other that’s the way they memorize easily. It helps a lot if you train your dog according to the situation. Pay attention to your furry dog and give some minutes to your dog. Get your dog attention by the command to sit and stand. And do practice several times a day.