How To Trim Your Dog Nails Safely

How To Trim Your Dog Nails Safely

People love to have a dog and due to which they care about their health. Dog nail trimming is essential as the way it gives benefit to a human being. If people ignore and do not trim their dog nails on time, it can cause overwhelming infection and distress. In addition to this, your dog damages expensive furniture and floors. It is an essential part of your dog’s life and its a part of their hygiene.


Extensive development can result in severely ingrown nails. Long nails affect the solace and temperament of dogs. Dogs are very discomfort due to long nail’s they can not place their whole body weight on their feet. They find it difficult. So after two or three weeks, you can trim your dog nails. Dogs always need to trim their nails on time.


  1. Hold your dog’s body tightly against your chest and then try to calm your dog from anxiety due to the clipping process.
  2. Then hold the dog’s feet in your other hand.
  3. Take the clipper in your hand and cut the small portion.
  4. keep nail styptic powder.
  5. Quick is a kind of vessels in dogs when you trim their nails be careful while trimming nails.


  1. The most authentic and familiar is the use of “scissor” clipper.
  2. Some clippers can squeeze the toe for example “Guillotine”.
  3. Never plop the whole nail in a clipper.
  4. For better results, you must use small size clippers because large size clippers are for a giant breed.
  5. After trimming you can only file the nails around and insensitive area like quick.


If your dog has long toenails, he must feel pain because when your dog goes outside and contact with a hard floor or maybe indoor like a kitchen or any other concrete area shoves the nails back.

So it can cause arthritis due to which the toe becomes very painful and sore. And the slightest pinch can be very uncomfortable for your dog. He will cry when you try to pick up his paw.


  • Give yummy treats to your dogs whenever you trim their nails.
  • If accidentally you cut the quick don’t worry about that no dog can die of that.
  • Try to trim the nails happily with fun and Associate it with praise.
  • Rub your dog belly and cuddle them after trimming.
  • Reward your dog every time so that they can associate it with a positive experience abnormal-looking fear and anxiety before cutting their nails.
  • Keep your dog happy and teach them basic commands.
  • Learn how you can handle your dog when you trim their nails.


Do proper Research before cutting your dog nails that’s how you can conserve your dog from different nails disorder. And rapidly clean the area when accidentally an injury occurs.

Most common nails disorders are given bellowed.

  1. Bacteria.
  2. Tumour.
  3. Cancer.
  4. Onyxis, it is abnormal-looking nails.
  5. Perionyxis (inflammation of nails)
  6. Onychoschisis ( Splitting of nails)
  7. Onychogryphosis (deformation of the claw)
  8. Traumatic onyxis.
  9. Bacterial onyxis.
  10. Dermatophyticonyxis.