How Would I Know If My Dog Has Brain Tumor

How Would I Know If My Dog Has Brain Tumor

Having a dog is not that easy, you have to take care of so many things of dog-like food, hygiene, health, diet,, etc. If any of these gets neglected then it could be an alarming situation for the dog as well as for you. There are so many innocent dogs dealing with dangerous kinds of illnesses, diseases,, and cancer. Some of the dogs win the battle of life and death and some of them lose it.

A brain tumor in dogs is not like the other diseases which will recover by itself or through the medications. It needs a lot of attention. Your dog might face a difficult time during brain tumorss. During brain tumors in dogs, you may also notice some weird behavior in your dogs. Now regarding brain tumors in dogs, you must be very worried and thinking of so many possibilities, you may also thinking of so many different questions. Let’s answer some of the most important and asked questions.

How Would I Know That My Dog Have Brain Tumor?

There are so many weird symptoms your dog can show in a a brain tumor. You need to be very focused on its behavior and have to notice some of its weird actions or body illness.

  • If your dog gets a cut and the wound is not healing even after proper medication and applying ointments. Then you must concern a vet because it is also a sign of brain tumor in dogs.
  • Hopefully, you are not noticing any kind of swelling in the the bones of your dog. But if you did notice any swellings in the dog’s bones, try to know the reason behind that bone swelling.
  • Having swelling in bones is not only the symptoms but having any kind of swelling in the dog’s body could be unsafe and may lead it to the brain tumor in dogs.
  • There could be also any kind of abnormal bleeding in your dog. This symptom could be dangerous!
  • Maybe you also notice a lump in your dog too.
  • Seizures are the riskiest symptom of all because it only shows at the last stages! If it is happening with a 5 or 5+ year’s older dog then there is an emergency!

It is not necessary that you notice a symptom because sometimes you won’t notice at all. As everything happening was inside the pup.

Is Brain Tumor In Dogs Curable?

Even thinking about the death of your dog could make you worried. But this question is a must answer. Well,, the answer is not as you are expecting but it is true. Your dog can die because of the brain tumor. There are also some dogs that live longer but none of them beat the disease. Some dogs live longer because they got correct medication and treatment which will let the tumor able to grow slower, but it will not kill the tumor.

Will My Dog Die Because Of The Brain Tumor?

Giving the answer to the other question is both, but how? Well,, brain tumors in dogs won’t kill them but will make them e less. There are different kinds of tumor, some may increase your dog’s life to 12-24 weeks and the other will let it till 36 weeks if the correct medication and treatment are provided.

Can A Brain Tumor In Dog Be Treated?

Yes,, the brain tumor in dogs could be treated in so many ways. The best is to ask your vet before doing anything naturally. Surgery is of the way to treat brain tumors in dogs it will remove the brain tumor but not by the roots.

How Many Ways Are There For The Treatment Of The Brain Tumor In  Dogs?

Your vet may also recommend you about chemotherapy depend on the condition of your dog. It will let the brain tumor to grow less and very slowly.

As mentioned above that the treatment of brain tumors in dogs depends on its conditions, so if your dog has seizures then the vet will keep the pup on medications. Radiation is also great therapy for your dog because it is a combo of so many other treatments.

Is The Treatment Of Brain Tumor In Dogs Expensive?

Now by reading the above information you must have planned to give brain tumor treatment to your beloved pup. But the question about the money must be disturbing you. We have asked the most professional doctor about the expenses of the brain tumor treatment.

Well if you want to go for the cancer diagnosis then it will cost you around $1,000 – $2,000. The chemotherapy cost $3,000 – $5,000. If you are looking forward to the radiation treatment then the amount will lie between $6,000 – $10,000.

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