What Is The Reason If My Dog Have Diabetes

What Is The Reason If My Dog Have Diabetes

Everyone loves their pets and doesn’t want anything to happen to them. That is why everyone does take care of their pet very much. It is also not an easy thing to do, taking care of a pet can’t say a difficult thing but you have to be very careful with your pet dog. There are so many things of a dog you need to take care of and need to observe on regular basis. Some of these include your dog’s health, food, diet, hygiene, etc.

Your dog may also get some of the worst diseases if don’t get a proper diet or if not treated carefully. Diabetes in dogs is one of them. If your dogs have diabetes then you need to be very careful with the dog. Some of the things will increase in its daily routine; even the pup’s diet will also have some major changes. Now, what are those changes? How does diabetes in dogs happen? Will the treatment of diabetes in dogs be expensive? Many more questions will definitely run around your mind right now regarding diabetes in dogs. Let’s answer them.

How Will Diabetes In Dogs Happen?

Well, diabetes in dogs is not a disease that any pet dog could catch from the diabetic dog. Even the dogs don’t get it after eating a lot of sugar products. All you need to do is keep your normal dog on a proper diet and don’t try to give anything else. Don’t get melt after watching that innocent puppy eyes.

Diabetes in dogs could happen in different ways. One of them is the difference or absence of insulin in your dog’s body. This doesn’t happen because of the food, but when you feed a lot of sweet products to your dog then enzymes supply glucose to the whole body, and then the glucose level goes high in the body and even the insulin present in the body couldn’t control it and decreases. So just be careful not to feed a lot of sugar to the dogs if you don’t want diabetes in the dog.

Diabetes in dogs can happen through another way and that is biological. Well if a dog ds a past of diabetes in its family then it might also have diabetes at a certain age. It won’t happen after eating a lot of sugary products but it could happen through the genes it gets from its family. Of course, it will be not your fault as it will happen naturally.

What Behavior Should I Notice In My Dog To Confirm Diabetes?

This question in your mind must be irritating you since the starting of this article. So let’s discuss it now. Just read the symptoms properly and then if you are having doubt that you have diabetes then observe these symptoms in your dog very carefully. If any of the symptoms matched then concern the vet immediately!

  • We know that all the animals get exhausted more and need water after some time so they could get hydrated. But if you are noticing that your dog is drinking a lot of water as compared to a regular need, then do concern the vet because being a lot of thirsty is a sign of diabetes in dogs.
  • As diabetes in dogs increases the need for water. Then the dog will also go for urine more and more and will have less control over it.
  • Diabetes in dogs may also cause weight loss of the dog.
  • Well if your dog is not losing weight in diabetes then it will ask for more food as diabetes in dogs could also increase hunger in the dog.

If any of the following symptoms come in your notice then take the pup to the vet for a diabetes test.

What Should My Dog Eat In Diabetes?

Diabetes in dogs or in humans always demands a proper strict and balanced diet so the patient could have a good life afterward. When the test of diabetes in dogs comes positive, do not panic at all. Just ask the pet of every possibility and be ready for anything. Ask the vet for a proper diet and all the other precautions.

Usually, vets ask you to put your dog in a high fiber diet. Well, it can be a low-fat diet too; your vet may also recommend you do both. But why? Well, the fiber helps the dog’s body to slow the glucose spreading in the bloodstream. As the dog will feel hungry more so fiber will let it feel full. When your dog will have low-fat food it will be good because fats have fewer calories and will not harm the dog.

How Will Diabetes In Dogs Treated?

It is simple. You need to give insulin injections to your pet dog every day so it will not let the glucose go high or low because both situations are risky for the dog’s life. Remember! Giving insulin to the dog every day is important. Don’t worry about the cost, it won’t charge a lot! You will need 3 bottles of insulin per month and each bottle charge $30.00.  You also need to check the sugar level of your dog limited times a week and one strip cost $.35!  You also need to let the dog have some fitness time too!

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