How Can I Take Care Of My Dog Having Kidney Failure

How Can I Take Care Of My Dog Having Kidney Failure

If your dog has any kind of disease then you must be very afraid about their life. But leaving that behind the more important thing is to take care of your surviving pup. Don’t be sad and don’t let your dog lose the battle against the disease. There are so many dogs who die because of disease but there are also a great number of dogs who have to win the battle against cancer or the disease and are also living a healthy life!

There are so many diseases that dogs face. Kidney failure in dogs includes in the list of deadly ones. No need to worry if you give the correct treatment and diet during a dog’s kidney failure then your dog will be able to live a healthy life! If your dog has kidney failure or if you have any kind of doubt that your dog is having kidney failure then you need to know some of the most important facts about kidney failure in dogs.

How Kidney Failure In Dogs Does Happen?

This is the most valid question to ask. If your dog is healthy then you really need to know this information so you will be able to protect your dog from such kind of diseases.

  • Well, kidney failure in dogs could happen in so many ways. If your dog has eaten mistakenly something toxic then kidney failure could happen.
  • Your dog can also have kidney failure by eating some specific medicines. So if you are giving medicines to your dog on your own then don’t do it. Do concern the vet before giving any kind of medicine to your pup.
  • Kidney failure in dogs might also happen because of eating tainted food.
  • If your dog is having a low blood flow in its body then kidney failure can happen.
  • If the kidneys face the delivery of oxygen to them then kidney failure in dogs can happen.
  • If a urine blockade is happening with your dog then kidney failure in a dog might happen.

So to keep your dog safe form kidney failure be careful of these things and make sure that any of it won’t happen.

Are Symptoms Of Kidney Failure In Dogs Easy To Detect?

The worst thing that you are noticing changes in your dog’s behavior and not sure what’s happening. You need to search forr every possibility. Do notice symptoms first. If you are willing to take your dog to the vet to have a proper checkup then it will be your right decision. But if you are scared to take your dog to the vet then observe the following symptoms in your pup.

  • If your dog is not feeling hungry as compared to normal days then it might be the symptom of a a dog’s kidney failure.
  • Due to less of hunger your dog will also start losing weight
  • Kidney failure in dogs can also cause vomiting!
  • Cleaning your dog’s teeth and mouth will not change anything. A very bad mouth breath will definitely happen. It is a clear symptom of a dog’s kidney failure!

These symptoms are not common and your dog doesn’t face it on a a normal basis. So, if you notice any of it and having doubt then go to the vet so can clear your doubt and will get a final answer.

What Food My Dog Should Not Eat-In Kidney Failure?

Now that it is confirmed that your dog is facing kidney failure. You must be very careful from now about your dog’s health and especially about the food you are feeding it. Do not feed the old food to your dog again. Do concern the vet and ask for a proper list so you will be careful of what food should be given to your dog and what should not.

Your dog’s vet will definitely let you know about the food prohibited food in a dog’s kidney failure. First of all high salt food items will be strictly not allowed as high salt food products will let the blood pressure level go high and will surely damage the kidneys very badly. Even high salt treats will be banned! And these treats especially include cheese, deli meat, and bread and can be also dog treat products.

What Food Will Vet Recommend For The Kidney Failure In Dogs?

Now just knowing about the prohibited food in kidney failure of dogs is not enough. You will definitely get the need to ask about the food which is allowed for dogs to have in kidney failure. Your dog’s vet will let you know about the prohibited food. Then you need to ask for a proper diet plan for your dog so both of you will not face any kind of problem after.

Well, fresh animal meat is allowed for your dog in kidney failure! But remember if thn llowed that doesn’t mean you can feed it white meat. White meat including chicken, fish, or turkey is high in phosphorus as compared to the red meat.  So try to give red meat more to your dog. You can give red meat in the shape of beef mince, beef tripe, lamb, or pork. But remember red meat contains more fats. So try to give in a normal quantity. Your dog can also exercise but do not force him to do it cause maybe your dog is feeling pain.

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