Kangal Dog Breed – Complete Breed Guide and the Best Reviews

Kangal Dog Breed – Complete Breed Guide and the Best Reviews

Most people like to have a Kangal Dog Breed because they are very aggressive and protectors of livestock. First of all, these dog breed was taken as sheep’s guardian due to its size, strength, temperament, and appearance.

Kangal dog breed is mainly suitable for working in pairs or teams to protect livestock from large predators, like foxes, wolves, and bears. Because of this, they have reliable temperament with livestock and children and aggressive behavior to predators.

To learn more about the Kangal dog breed, their behavior, and temperament, which is the right breed for you, let us dive and read on these interesting details.

Top Reviews on the Kangal Dog Breed

See full important features and information about Kangal dogs.

Where does the Kangal dog come from?

Kangal dog breed is the native of Turkey and is considered as the Turkish national dog. The dog breed has been declared a National treasure. Moreover, this is a very old and beloved breed, and people love them very much.

The breed began as a sheep guardian in Central Asia, and his name comes from the town of Kangal in the Sivas Province of Turkey.

Kangal Dog or Anatolian Shepherd

Indeed, there was confusion in calling for so many years whether these are Kangal dogs or Anatolian shepherd. They are the same breed; it depends upon who you ask. In 2018, FCI officially renamed all Anatolian Shepherds as Kangal shepherd dogs.

However, both the Kennel Club of the United Kingdomand the United Kennel Club still have different breed standards.

Kangal Dog Appearance

This dog has a very large size and can weigh anywhere from 90 to 150 lbs. Moreover, male dogs can stand 30 to 32 inches tall, and females nicely stand at 28 to 30 inches tall. Best of all, Kangal dog soccupy powerful muscles.

When they are moving, Kangal dogs give an overall impression of strength and beauty. Furthermore, their color is very charming, and the coat is much solid-colored ranging from fawn to gray. Plus, it has a slight white color on the chest, paws, or tip of the tail.

Kangal Dog Temperament

All in all, the Kangal dog breed shows a very good temperament and protects the livestock nicely and perfectly. However, he has different behavior for strangers and other dogs when he is on duty. But this breed is not an obedient champion.

Best of all, the Kangal dog breed is so intelligent he makes fast decisions to save life or go to death while working as a livestock guardian.

Training Your Kangal Dog

If you are going to adopt the Kangal dog breed for the first time, it is not the best breed for you due to its big size, strength, and reactive nature. You cannot train this breed like the training of Labrador retriever.

No doubt, this is a working animal and has been selected for centuries for its independence and intelligence. So it is very important to train this dog properly away from its working area. Plus, it needs a vast area for training.

Pros and Cons Of Getting Kangal Dog Breed

Let us share some positive and negative points to tell you more about this old shepherd breed.


  • Deeply loyal to his family
  • Very good livestock guardian
  • Highly intelligent
  • Much healthy and long-lived


  • Needs a lot of space to roam
  • Powerful working instincts
  • Very aggressive for strangers and other dogs
  • Not a good choice for apartment living

The Conclusion

To conclude, I have described many features and matchless properties of the Kangal dog breed very nicely. Best of all, this dog breed is very special to guard your flocks of sheep against jackals, wolves, and bears.

However, before buying this dog breed, you should know all pros and cons of this pet. Furthermore, while adopting this dog, please contact the breed club or your State controlling body.

For further information about the Kangal dog breed, you can reach us through the comments section too. Thanks for reading.

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