Large Dog Breeds

Large Dog Breeds

Are you a sucker for large dogs? Well, we have just the right kick for you.

While some people make “bigger is better” their life motto, they imply it to their dogs. Regardless of their incredibly large size, they are lovely to live with as most large dogs prefer to stay inside the house and relax all day.

They are pure, energetic, and very active fellas, but certain large dog breeds are more laidback. Many pet owners want a dog to perform their regular activities with them, including hiking, walking, running, and playing in the park.

As fantastic as it seems to have a large dog waiting for you at home, several factors are still considered before adopting a larger dog.

The veterinary care, supplies, and food often cost more for a large dog. Besides that, a big dog requires enough living speed to move freely and comfortably.

There are infinite reasons to love a giant dog breed, but the most vital of them is that they are incredibly gentle and calm around kids. They are harmless and over-protective over their family.

Here is a thorough guide about large dog breeds that will make you love them even more.

Reasons to Have a Large Dog Breed in the House

Large Dog Breed in the House

1. Big Dogs are Gentle

Larger dog breeds are not as flimsy as tiny canines, and they are strong enough to withstand rougher handling.

If you have children and infants in the house, that is another reason to buy a larger dog. Big dogs are not fragile, and they can easily keep up with the little humans in the household. But that do not mean owners and parents should throw common sense out of the question.

Big dogs are not as delicate as other smaller breeds, and children should never grab them roughly, treat them with disrespect, or ride them by any chance.

That said, both dogs and kids must learn how to interact and respect one another – get the signs that your dog trusts you and will do whatever he can to stick by your side.

2. Big Dogs are Fun

If you are a celebrity-inspired person and want to achieve that kind of status, try walking Wolfhound dog down your street or taking the Great Pyrenees to the dog park.

Large breed dogs are dramatic and majestic enough to attract a lot of attention. Adopting one provides you with a free membership to a club with lots of cool people who love big dogs.

3. They are Caring and Loving

Like many other smaller breeds, large dogs are very loyal to their families. For example, Mastiffs are large breed dogs that weigh up to 200 pounds and have been bred to guard families.

Decades of breeding have made them hard-wired to adore children and women. Mastiffs are incredibly touching and heart-warming dogs; you will be shocked to witness how much of a sweetheart they are.

Another large dog breed, the Leonberger, has been bred for almost 200 years to have a giant’s size and be overly sweet with families.

Similarly, Newfoundlands were trained and bred to rescue drowning people, so they are people-centered and tolerant.

4. Big Dogs have Impressive Self-Control.

We have seen many small dogs wanting to be big dogs by jumping, biting, and barking. Larger dog breeds do not even bother with it.

It is surprising to notice the amount of self-control that is inside these dogs. If you surround an English Mastiff with a few tiny puppies trying to do everything they can to annoy the big guy, he will not lose his cool. That is the kind of self-control and tolerance we admire.

5. Larger Dogs are effortless to Train.

Large dog breeds are quick learners. It takes minimum weeks to train a big dog according to you and your requirements.

They tend to have better control and manners than tiny nippers. When you have a large dog, you have a more significant incentive to train them properly – and even stick with the training to make sure the dog is always well-behaved.

Encouraging training and good manners are essential for any dog, regardless of the size. Still, they are most vital for a big dog.

6. Big Dogs have a lot of Patience.

With an incredible size comes incredible security, and that sheds light on the fact that large dogs are cool-headed and always at ease.

Many big dogs love to have a world of their own, and they feel fully secure and happy. On the other hand, if they wanted to, they can be gruesome bullies as well. But, it all comes down to how you treat your dog, whether small or large.

If you treat them with generosity, love, respect, and care for them, they will protect you with their life.

7. Most Large Dog Breeds do not require exercise.

Many large dogs, such as Great Danes, were trained and bred to be guard dogs, and that job requires a lot of sitting around. On the contrary, smaller dogs do not have that kind of potential, as they are hard-wired to move.

Some dog breeds require exercise, such as regular walks and other activities, to remain calm and less cranky to stay in the house. Other species, like many retrieving or herding dogs, require more exercise.

Best Large Dog Breeds

Best Large Dog Breeds

1. Bullmastiff

During the 19th century, breeders across the world decided to cross a bulldog and a mastiff to create a powerful dog that could stop poachers. Little did they know; bullmastiffs are the most generous and loving large breed dogs in the world.

Even though they are known for being magnificant guard dogs, but this bread is most treasured as a companion. Regardless of their somewhat intimidating looks, a bullmastiff is a gentle giant that instantly forms a beautiful bond with its family.

2. Irish Wolfhounds

An Irish Wolfhound is one of the tallest dog breeds in the world and weighs somewhere between 90-150lbs.

They are famous for being sighthounds because they use their swiftness and sight for hunting prey. Also, Irish Wolfhounds are an old breed; during the ancient times of 391 A.D.

3. The Great Dane

One might say this enormous creature resembles more to a miniature horse than a dog. Either way, the Great Dane is a unique large dog breed.

You’ll spot a Great Dane with accuracy in a crowd full of dogs, due to their straight posture and incredible personality. Still, their behavior outshines their appearance; these dogs are playful, friendly, very loyal, and extremely gentle around kids.

4. Afghan Hound

At a glance, it is impossible to believe that this elegant, beautiful dog with its gorgeous, mesmerizing, and soft coat was once used for hunting hares and gazelle on the Afghani deserts.

But after some time, everything changed for these beautiful, yet hardworking dogs when their specimens were imported to England during the 1800s. They instantly became immensely popular as pets and show dogs.

Afghan hounds are adored for their silky, long coats and friendly, calm dispositions. They love to run wild and demand regular walks to keep them fit and happy.

Moreover, male Afghan hounds will grow 27 inches tall, while females are shorter.

5. Saint Bernard

Making your way through the Alps was a risky business before the advent of modern transportation. That said, the monks at the Saint Bernard Pass somewhere between Italy and Switzerland using their dogs in rescue and search missions.

These big, red, and white dogs are popularly known as Saint Bernard. Currently, Saint Bernard is more likely to play hide and seek in the backyard with many children.

Its happy, sweet, and nurturing personality makes it an excellent family dog as long as you have enough space for its massive body.

On the other hand, their large bodies may knock little children down. So, it is recommended to keep them at a safe distance from small humans.

6. Leonberger

The Leonberger is an incredibly adorable working dog that has a gentle, kind nature. This breed is widely known for having a close and friendly bond with its family. It seems to have an incredible intuition regarding feelings.

They may come off as angry and vicious dogs, but they are total sweethearts. Give them a belly rub, and you will be surprised to see their reaction. Due to many other reasons, and their lovable personality, of course, Leonbergers can make great family pets and excellent therapy dogs.

7. Poodle

No other dog breed can beat the elegance and unique traits a Poodle has. The poodle family’s largest is the Standard Poodle, bred initially as a water retriever in Germany.

Standard Poodles have a water-resistant, soft oat that is often clipper into gorgeous and unique styles. These cuts are not associated with fashion, but more with use. With longer hair on the joints and rib cage, the dog will remain warm when swimming in cold waters.

These dogs are brilliant and make unique, almost human like friends. They love intellectual activities, performing, and learning new tricks well in obedience.

The Love of a Large Breed Dog

Dog lovers can raise all kinds of animals, but nothing can compare to the experience and happiness one gets from having a large dog sitting in your backyard.

Large dogs are kind, gentle, and amazing at what they do. They are nothing like smaller dogs that often lose their cool and have tiny tempers.

Indeed, the love of a large dog can change your life for the better.

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