Police Dog Breed – Five Most Frequently Held Police Dog Breeds

Police Dog Breed – Five Most Frequently Held Police Dog Breeds

If you are searching for a police dog breed, you are completely in a wonderful place. I will describe the five most important police dog types with all their unique features and unparalleled qualities.

When you talk about police dogs, you should keep in mind that these dogs are highly skilled from the common dogs. Indeed, police dogs are outstanding from other domestic dogs.

No doubt, the dogs need to do different tasks, and all dogs show various features. Here is a special list of the best police dogs. Stay with us to know everything interesting and very effective about the best and very famous police dogs.

Police Dog Breed

I am going to throw light on special and main police dog breeds within no time.

German Shepherd

When we think of the excellent, unique, and the best police dogs, the German Shepherd comes to our mind as the first best and an attractive police dog. The German Shepherd police dogs have many important qualities, including intelligence, aggression, and much more.

Best of all, these dogs have these unique qualities, and they become more powerful when we train them. Moreover, these dogs have a matchless ability to detect drugs and explosives. More than that, the police force and military love these breeds very much due to their multiple tasks.

Belgian Malinois

Next, we have the Belgian Malinois that is very beautiful and pretty similar to the German Shepherd. Both types of dogs have similar looks, and their qualities are also the same. This dog is the most attractive with the highest energy levels.

Moreover, they are always very alert and so much active. More than that, these dogs are also great sniffer dogs and can trace possibly anything. However, these dogs are not suitable to be a pet for two reasons. Firstly, their energy is incredible, and their owners may feel it very tough to keep up with their energy.


What is special about the Bullmastiff? This dog is a very fast learner, very strong, powerful, and much sensitive. Moreover, the Bullmastiff is cross-bred by using the bulldog and the mastiff-type dog. Their weight ranges from 110 to 1300 pounds.

Best of all, they can sniff out heavy drugs, explosives, evidence from a crime scene, and much more. Furthermore, these are great watchdogs, and they can sniff any serious threat that comes very close to their owner or their surroundings. Plus, these dogs have a life period of around 8-10 years.


Indeed, Rottweiler is a very strong and dangerous dog. Furthermore, these dogs are very alert, brave, and good watchful. These dogs love action and adventure, and this thing makes them nicely fit to fight crime.

More than that, Rottweiler also shows various features that make them great police dogs. These are very obedient, devoted, and always ready to do work. Plus, they have a very high level of alertness. Their life ranges from 8-10 years.


Lastly, we have the Boxer dog breed that is most active and alert all the time. Moreover, this dog breed is very watchful and also useful for hunting purposes. You can use them as attacking dogs against your enemies.

Likewise, this dog breed can be a part of your family, and they are very playful as well. Their life period is from 10-15 years. Their weight is as good as 50-70 pounds and 2 feet tall. These features make Boxer the best police dog breed.


To conclude, I have described the five most widely held police dog breed with all their wonderful characteristics, features, and very impressive properties. You can have anyone of the above police dog breeds to use them for different tasks like sniffing and searching the crime place.

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