Top 10 Most Popular Guard Dog Breeds

Top 10 Most Popular Guard Dog Breeds

Many owners love their dogs. They are usually considered family members and cherished like their children. However, if you’re someone who has something to protect or is in a high-risk work environment, then you might want to consider getting a guard dog for protection rather than your standard pet pup. Here are some of the most popular breeds designed for protecting you and what they look like.

List of the Top 10 Best Guard Dogs

If you’re interested in adding a canine member to your family, then the following list of 10 different dog breeds might be helpful in narrowing down what type of breed is best for you. The top 10 breeds that have been proven to have the most protective instincts are:


The Bullmastiff is a guard dog breed with a large body and short, straight fur. These dogs can vary in size from 43 to 52 inches high, weighing anywhere from 88 to 122 pounds, and they have a lifespan of 8-10 years. They are intelligent but strong-willed dogs that require a lot of attention and training to work well in a home setting. Their thick coats make them very comfortable around people and other animals. This makes it easy for these dogs to protect their families while also being able to enjoy life outside as an active pet.

Doberman Pinscher

Many dog owners are looking for the best guard dogs. While there is no one size fits all answer, a Doberman Pinscher would be a good choice. These dogs have been used as guard dogs for decades and have a long history of being loyal and fierce protectors. They are perfect for families or business owners alike who want a good guard dog that will not need much training. The breed has a reputation for being aggressive towards strangers but they can easily learn how to behave with new people if trained properly.


A rottweiler is a powerful and intimidating breed that makes for a great guard dog. The intelligence, size, and stamina of the rottweiler make it an excellent choice for guarding your home and property. Rottweilers are so talented at guarding that they have been used to accompany police officers on patrol in some parts of Europe. If you want an alert, intelligent, and strong dog to help protect your home and family, this is the breed for you.


Many breeds are made for guard work, but the Komondor is one of the best. If you are looking for a guard dog, your first thought might be to use a German Shepherd or an Akita. But these breeds have their own liabilities. The shepherd is very high-strung and can easily be agitated by children and other strangers. The Akita can be downright aggressive with everyone except its owner. And they both require intense training that only becomes necessary when they are adults. A Komondor on the other hand has no such issues. They’re calm dogs who will not attack unless provoked. Their temperament makes them perfect for guarding homes against intruders.

German Shepherd

The German Shepherd is one of the top most popular guard dog breeds, not only for it’s size, but also for its intelligence. The German Shepherd can be trained to patrol an area and alert their owners when they spot anything suspicious. They are also often used by law enforcement officers, as they are able to catch someone without being too physically intense. This makes them a great option if you’re looking for a guard dog that will take care of the problem peacefully.


Puli are the most popular of the guard dogs. Pulis are often over protective of their property and make great watchdogs. They are fiercely loyal to their owners and will protect them even at the cost of their lives. A guardian dog is a type of dog whose primary job is to protect its property, including its owner. These types of dogs can be trained to attack intruders or other animals who pose threats to their home. The best way to train your pup would be through positive reinforcement training methods such as clicker training. Clickers allow you to teach commands in an easy-to-understand manner.

Giant Schnauzer

A Schnauzer is a large, strong, and intelligent dog that can be kept as a family pet. They are great with children and other animals and they grow to weigh around 70-120 pounds and should be brushed weekly. They have a double coat that can require frequent grooming and their coat colors come in black, silver, red, brown, salt and pepper, white, or gray. Their coats will shed heavily during the spring months but this does not mean it needs to be removed from them. A Schnauzer’s coat sheds because of its thick undercoat which protects against cold weather. It also helps keep the dogs warm when temperatures drop below freezing.

Rhodesian Ridgeback

Many families want to know what is the best guard dog for their home, and it can be quite hard to find the answer. However, one of the most popular breeds in the U.S., Canada, and Europe is none other than the Rhodesian Ridgeback. This breed has been around since 1890 when British settlers brought them over from South Africa. They are known as a “working dog” that was bred to protect livestock and property. The ridgebacks have an average height between 25-30 inches tall with males being slightly taller at 28-31 inches.


When we think about what is the best guard dog people often think about the Akita and Doberman, but there are many other breeds that can do a good job. A lesser known breed that has been trained to be a guard dog is the Kuvasz. The main use for this breed of dog is as a livestock guardian because of their size and protective nature. These dogs were originally used in Hungary where they guarded sheep and cattle against predators such as wolves and bears. Today these dogs are still used by farmers who need protection for their animals. This type of dog will not attack unless it feels threatened or if you try to harm its family members.

Staffordshire Terrier

The Staffordshire Terrier, or Stafford for short, is a medium-sized dog that is often seen as a reliable guard dog. The breed was bred to hunt vermin and protect property. This breed is skilled in both hunting and defending, making it one of the best guard dogs. They have an excellent sense of smell which makes them very good at finding intruders. These dogs can be aggressive towards strangers but when properly trained, this aggression disappears. If your home has been broken into before, then chances are there’s already a Stafford guarding your house.