How to Take Care of My Pregnant Dog

How to Take Care of My Pregnant Dog

Is your dog pregnant and you doing know how to deal with it? Or are you confused whether your dog is even pregnant or not? Let’s discuss all of your quires regarding your dog’s pregnancy.

Pregnancy of any female no matter it’s of a human or of any animal, the precautions are same and the labor time is very sensitive. If a human female is pregnant then she needs proper diet, nutrition, vitamins and etc. But here we are talking about dog’s pregnancy, as animals are not very sensible and don’t know what is good for them and what is bad so they may also hurt themselves. If you have a pet dog which is also pregnant so do take care of her as much as you can.

What Age Is Perfect For My Dog To Get Pregnant?

You will definitely get the perfect answer of this question form your dog’s vet. But if you want to know it from here then let your dog takes it all time to be ready for matting and pregnancy. There is a limit of age for dogs to mate and to get pregnant. If your dog is one year old then she is ready for matting. Just keep your dog healthy. You can also let the dog mate at the age of two years it is not late at all!

After Matting How Much Time Does a Dog Takes To Get Pregnant?

Animals are very different form the humans. When you kept a male and female dog together for matting, it takes time for them to understand each other. Whenever the female dog feels comfortable and let the male dog mate her then the procedure will complete if they both kept matting regularly for at least some days to end the matting procedure.

But the matting procedure doesn’t end here, after matting you need to observe your dog for a month to recognize some different behavior, so you could know if she is pregnant.

How Would I Know That My Dog Is Pregnant?

Well as the matting procedure takes time. Just like that getting pregnant procedure also takes time and it last for 63 days. You can find out about your dog’s pregnancy in some other ways too! But do not start observing the symptoms in your dog so early. When the matting procedure is done your dog will take at least a month to get pregnant or to show its symptoms.

Your dog may take more time to get pregnant sometimes. It all depends on the breeds. Sometimes you dog will get pregnant after so much of matting, but if your dog is a young one then it will not take time to get pregnant.

Isn’t the question ‘how to know about my dog’s pregnancy?’ kept knocking your mind? Well here are some symptoms which will help you for sure. Some of the most common symptoms are;

  • You will observe that your dog’s appetite is getting bad. It is the most common sign of knowing about the dog’s pregnancy.
  • You will notice a mucus white discharge which is also a common sign of a dog’s pregnancy.
  • You dog will start losing interest in everything and will show very low energy due to the hormones changes in it.
  • Your dog will also gain weight.
  • The biggest sign to confirm the dog’s pregnancy is to see the size of the dog’s nipples getting big.

Some people want to be sure about the dog’s pregnancy before going to the vet. So here are also some ways to know it by your own. Do notice the above mentioned symptoms first. When all of the symptoms show a green signal to you then try to feel the little growing puppies in the uterus of the dog. Do not push your fingers too hard to feel you may even hurt the puppies. It would be best if you take the dog to the vet. So you can get a confirmed answer about your dog’s pregnancy. Vet will not give any harm to your dog!

Which Food Is Best For My Dog During Pregnancy?

During a dog’s pregnancy, it needs a lot of care, attention, healthy diet and much more! Keep proving you dog special pregnancy formulas as directed by the vet so the dog will get proper nutrition and stay healthy during its pregnancy and can even will be able to give milk full of vitamins and nutrition to the puppies!

If your dog is very strong and healthy already then all you need to do is let the old diet continue and make her feel good and relaxed everywhere. You will only change the food and the diets products of your strong and healthy products until the vet don’t recommend you. If you did it by your own choice it may get worse for the dog’s pregnancy!

Does All Pregnant Dogs Pee A lot? Or Is It Just My Dog?

No! It’s not only your dog who pees a lot during pregnancy. If it’s a human pregnancy or a dog’s pregnancy, the situations are so similar. Woman also pee a lot during pregnancy because it doesn’t have control on its bladder. The dogs have the same situation during its pregnancy.

In dogs the vulva swells and the viginal discharge also contains blood in it which happens to swells a lot and due to that it may also happen that you dog are doing so much pee. Just be calm because it all happens in pregnancy.

What Are the Sign of the Labor during a Dog’s Pregnancy? Will It Happen Mostly In Night?

Giving birth will be the toughest time for the dog even for its owner, the owner having to apply some precautions which are need in any way. You really should know the symptoms of the labor time of the dog so you can get ready the needed things.

  • You dog may start digging to make a hole of will start to find a safe place so it can give birth to the puppies.
  • Your dog may act weird and will start licking vulva.
  • You will notice the shivering of your dog.

What you need to do is leave your pup alone when she is giving birth to the puppies, because if it gets uncomfortable in front of you then it will stop giving birth and could even kill the dog and the puppies inside her.

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