What White Dog Breed Should I Chose For Me?

What White Dog Breed Should I Chose For Me?

The white dog breed is the most beautiful breed of all. People get attracted to them a lot. Most of the pet owner asks for a white dog breed, but the thing is that not all of them could get it because it is very rare to find. You have to deal with the white dog breed as you deal with the others. It’s a fact that the white dog breed is rare but adorable.

If you are planning to have one then you need to know about some of the white dog breeds. Of course, before adopting one you will want to know about the pup. You will ask for the rarest or the most beautiful white dog breed of all. So let’s discuss it here. Let us tell you about some of the most popular white dog breeds so that you will know which one is best for you!

How Is Samoyed?

Whenever you will think about the white dog breed Samoyed’s name will come to your mind. But before adopting Samoyed, you must be willing to know something about it.

The Samoyed dog was originated in Siberia. It is the most beautiful dog that is covered in white fur from head to toe. They came in medium to large shape. They are very thick in fur and are very nice. Its fur coat looks perfect on it. The big Samoyed males are about 21 – 23.5 inches and if we talk about females then they came in 19 – 21 inches. They are so big and lie between the weights of 50 – 60 pounds! If you are a fluffy and furry white dog breed then Samoyed is perfect for you!

What about Maltese?

When you are looking for a white dog breed then Maltese is also not a bad choice. Let us clear you one thing if you are looking for a big fluffy white dog then Maltese is not a good choice for you because it includes small dogs. But yes if your interest is in little cute small dogs then Maltese will be perfect for you.

Maltese mostly lie between 10 inches. The most cutest and attractive thing about Maltese is its beautiful long straight fur. But mostly it has been noted that the owner of Maltese cut their lovely hair short.

Taking care of Maltese is also very important and you need to brush their teeth every week and they Maltese also ask for a regular go-to the groomers. Maltese usually have black eyes and a black nose which is the only thing in black colors you could see in a white dog breed Maltese. They have a lot of hairs on their face and sometimes it’s very hard for them to see anything that is why its owner mostly ties their upper fur in a cute not so it won’t hurt or disturb their eyes.

Can I Have West Highland white terrier?

You can have any dog you want but obviously, you need to choose the perfect one for you.

West Highland white terrier is that white dog breed who has a double coat of fur and has come from Scotland.  This white dog breed is the most intelligent of all dogs and it has very playful too! But just like the other dogs it also asks for grooming it. So this white dog breed wants you to brush it every week and take it to the groomer every six weeks.

If I Have A White Dog Breed, How Will I Keep It White?

Keeping your white dog breed white is very important because being white is the beauty of it. Well, to keep your white dog breed white you can use whitening shampoo of any brand but blue pearl coat enhancer is really good. If your dog is having a very bad stain which is making the fur grey or black the use baking soda on it, it will help to clear the spot very quickly. To keep the fur in perfect shape you should also use conditioner after the shampoo.

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