Why Do Dogs Eat Poop

Why Do Dogs Eat Poop

The most widespread problems for dogs is faeces-eating, which is known as coprophagia. There are numerous reasons why do dogs eat poop, and what are the circumstances that lead to this formidable habit. However, the most common reasons narrowed down into three categories:

  1. Medical reasons.
  2. Behavioural reasons.
  3. Physiological reasons

It’s very familiar for dogs to play with strong-smelling items in their surroundings. As a pet owner, this behavior should be staved off because of its harmful fore them. It’s to be watchful in sprucing up after all your lovely pets when you have a dog around. This behavior always occurs as your dog gets older, but for some dogs, it comes to be an addiction that can be impossible to reduce.



When a wild dog eats up whole prey, it has the digestive tract that provides the digestive enzymes which are needed. But sadly! a lot of owners are fed highly processed diets to their dogs.

The food will pass through undigested if dogs don’t have the necessary enzymes.

The big reason that the dogs eat poop to satisfied the need for enzymes. They formulate enzymes on their own but with some time.


There are different types of intestinal worms in dogs which also need food for a living. That’s why dogs eat poop to strive for nutrients with the parasites. So every pet owner must give an adequate diet and healthy food to their dogs.


Malabsorption is a disease in dogs. Like it’s very familiar that sometimes can cause the problem of eating poop in the dogs. It’s necessary to keep an eye on who’s e stool he is striving it may be an indicator of weakness or illness in that pet.



When a female pooch neatens after her puppies to maintain the nest tidy. This hustle for cleanliness could also teach other dogs that “clean up” faeces.


Dogs are natural scavengers and, aromas are a big part of that. Poop stench to us. for dogs poop is amazing.


There are a bunch of dilemmas that can cause stress in dogs. One of the most common ones happens when the dog is left alone for a long duration. As like human beings, dogs are social beings they need the company of someone. In case, If your dog spends too much time Alone, they start doing things which they should not do like one of the most common is eating poop to entertain their self and sometimes due to depression and anxiety.


Most of the time dog’s eat their poop to get the attention of their owners so whenever your pup eat poop don’t overreact.

How to Stop a Dog From Eating Poop

If your little puppy or elder dog is eating poop, the useful way to enable them is to set a system in a spot that deters them from practising the manner.

After you’ve inferred why your dog eats poop, you can begin different solutions based on the justifications behind the thing which you’re pet doing.

  • Give vitamin supplement to your dog because of the lack of vitamins they eat poop.
  • Always clean your dogs living area.
  • Dogs litter box always be clean and out of reach of the dog.
  • Supervise your dog’s.
  • Give them healthy food which is best for your pet.
  • Don’t isolate your dog for a period.

Don’t Make Poop A Big Deal:

  1. Always be patient when your dog eats poop.
  2. Every pet owner must be vigilant towards their dog.
  3. If you have any cat or any other pet in your home. and he did pee try to clean as soon as possible.
  4. According to the pet, the owner survey doesn’t punish your dog if he is eating poop.


If you see your dog is eating poop, don’t admire them devour frequent, but discourage them. Because eating poop is dangerous for your dog’s health as it can cause a lot of diseases and difficulties as it could be more dangerous for their health.

  • If suddenly your dog starts eating poop, take your dog to the vet.
  • The reason for eating poop may be that your dog wants to eat more than you are giving them food.
  • Sometimes dogs poop contain medications which are not preferable for your dog’s health.
  • Poop naturally contains Bacteria, so that’s why it affects dogs health.
  • Bacteria can cause your dog following diseases.
  • nausea
  • diarrhoea
  • vomiting
  • fever


Take your dog to the vet as soon as possible if your pet starting to eat poop. Try to deter your dog according to the above tips.

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