Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

Why Does My Dog Eat Grass?

You must be concerned when you are feeding your dog a good diet on time and still he is eating grass. A lot of questions must be running in your mind like; if my dog is hungry? Is eating grass safe for him? Why is the vomiting afterward? What if he gets sick?

Reasons Why My Dog Eating Grass

Before finding a solution to any problem you should find out the reason so that it won’t happen again or maybe you will get to know that you don’t have to get rid of this problem.

You will see or have seen your dog eats grass then vomit and then starts eating grass again. There are a lot of reasons behind a dog eating grass. The reason can be serious or also can’t be. Grass mostly works as a stomach cleaner for the majority of dogs, but it doesn’t mean that you allow your dog to eat it all the time. So, is your dog eating grass to clean his stomach? Or is he trying to get rid of the poisonous thing in his stomach? Will grass help the dog to clean the worms as well? Let us tell you the two main reasons dogs eat grass.

It Can Be Due To Some Physical Reason

The grass is kind of a multi-tasking food for dogs. As humans need a proper diet that includes vitamins, carbs, protein, and fiber which helps to let the digestive system work without any problem. Just like that dogs need a proper diet, especially a lot of fiber which will help them to digest the food properly. As dogs are omnivores and need plants too. As grass provides fiber to the dog, so it might happen that the food you are feeding to your dog does not have enough fiber and that’s why your dog is eating grass.

Your dog might vomit after eating grass but no need to worry as the grass is cleaning your dog’s stomach. There are also so many dogs that eat grass but vomit at all neither before nor after. It may also happen that your dog was vomiting earlier and eating the grass and giving itself medication. In case if you note that your dog has vomited two or three times after eating grass then take him to the vet quickly. The vet will guide you on what to do and the reason behind it.

It Can Be Due To Some Psychological Reason

You know we all do some weird stuff whenever we are bored or having anxiety, some of us like to bite our nails while some people eat and some draw, etc. just like that whenever a dog feel bored or have anxiety then they tend themselves to eat grass. You can easily notice this behavior of them by noticing that if they are having any kind of digestion problem or not. If the dog is not having any digestion issues then they are eating the grass due to boredom or anxiety. You can help your dog to get rid of it by increasing their walks and play with them.

Depression or separation anxiety is also a reason behind your dog eating grass. For that, you can leave your worn sweater or any kind of shirt which has your scent on it, so whenever your dog feels alone he just sniff it and will help himself to bridle grass eating.

Another reason for eating grass can be an obsession. Your dog might show so many obsessions towards you or to any game or maybe a toy. But if it is showing any kind of obsession with eating grass then it is not a good sign at all. As you know that grass helps the dog to have good digestion, if your dog eats it more and more then it might lose its health. You need to go to the vet and find out a solution for it as soon as possible.

Is Eating Grass Safe For Dogs?

If we have a look overall at this then yes it is safe for your dog to eat grass but eating too much is not a good idea. The grass is like a natural medication for your dog and it is great for your dog to eat it sometimes so he can give its body a lot of fiber and then have good digestion.

All you have to worry about is not letting your dog eat dirty grass. If your dog is eating the grass of your garden or yard then make sure that the grass doesn’t have any kind of bacteria-killing medicine in it. If your dog eats medicated grass accidentally then go to the vet quickly. As you know that parks do have medicated grass so keep your dog to stay away from it.