Why Does My Dog Stare At Me

Why Does My Dog Stare At Me

Have you ever deal with your dog staring at you for a long time? This must be very weird for you and sometimes you also wonder why? Maybe your dog is staring at you because you are eating their favorite food or have a toy in your hand that they want badly. Apart from all things, dogs do spend their time while staring at their owners. As there is not a single reason behind your dog’s staring. Dogs have a lot of reasons to stare at us sometimes it could be that they want to communicate with you or want you to give them some attention. After reading this blog you will be able to make difference in your dog’s staring. If you want a more easy way then you can teach your dog some ways to communicate so next time it won’t seem a mystery like staring.

Dogs Are Reading Us

Talking about any other animal dogs have a good tune with humans. They sometimes used to watch their owners know what is going on in their surroundings. Dogs can sense our mood and can also read our pointing gestures and by our behavior and actions, they can also sense what is going to happen next. Summing up all clear that dogs stare at us to gain knowledge about the environment.

Dogs also stare at us because they are waiting for us to do some kind of action that will have an impact on them, like whenever you will pick up the leash the dog will quickly learn that it’s time to go for a walk. Now you might be remembering the time when you just picked up the food jar and your dog came quickly because they sensed that it’s mealtime! Same they do when it’s time for car rides or play sessions just by staring and reading you.

Sometimes your dog waits for you to give them any signal to do something like sit down or show some trick, they do it because as a reward you will give them some treat or any of their favorite toy. Dogs do love to get trained as they have this in their nature and eagerly wait for you to give them signs that it’s time to play or to learn a trick.

Might Be the Dog Is Trying To Tell You Something

Sometimes staring also means that your dog is trying to tell you something or asking you to do something. Like when they want to go for poop they might stand next to the door so you can get them. It might also happen when your dog is hungry and you are eating, your dog is asking you to share your food with him just by staring at you, and sometimes he might tap you on the knee or shoulder.

Some dogs also manipulate their owners to get something they want. The most common example of this can be the begging for food at the dining table. Just by giving you a long stare, your dog will make you give him some of your food and that’s how you just have misled him. In the beginning, your dog might be doing it out of interest but when you start ignoring him you will feel uncomfortable and guilty. Just after that, you will hand him some of your food and that’s how your dog has learned that he can ask for your food just by staring at you. So you should not allow yourself and your dog to make it habitual.

If you get aware of your reactions which you give to your dog because of their staring and if you dong like this activity you can eliminate their rewards so that your dog could learn any other behavior to get your reaction. For example, you can give your dog to chew a bone so you can eat your food peacefully. You can also teach your dog to ring the bell which is near to the door so you will know that he wants to go for poop. If you give reward your dog for his new behaviors instead of staring then soon you will have cues of its behavior.

Maybe Your Dog Is Telling You How It Feels

By staring your dog may also telling you about his feelings whether it’s negative or positive. Dog’s ancestors’ wolf used to stare to threaten someone and some dogs still have that attitude. So try to avoid any stranger dog’s gaze and never stare at them for a long time. If that dog is not blinking and has a stiff posture then you should quickly back off and don’t give eye contact. Your dog might show it sometimes when you give him a bone and trying to take it back, if your dog does it often then you should consult the vet.